January 2020

Effortless Beauty: Permanent Cosmetics HHI offers life-changing options for enhancing your appearance

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Are your eyebrows missing in action? Are your lips disappearing into your face? Are you tired of hiding embarrassing scars? Maybe it’s time to consider a more permanent solution than traditional makeup, which is not only time-consuming to apply but often melts off when you walk out the door.

According to Sarah Rhoads, owner of Permanent Cosmetics HHI (PCHHI) people choose to get permanent cosmetics for a variety of reasons. For some, it’s about saving time. (Imagine rolling out of bed with your brows and/or lips already done for the day!) For others, it’s a matter of no longer being able to apply makeup skillfully due to vision changes or decreased dexterity. And for men and women alike, it is often about restoring their appearance after an accident, injury or surgery. Whatever the initial reason for their visit to PCHHI, clients are raving about the results.

As they age, many women feel like their faces are becoming a bland canvas, Rhoads said. “When a woman can wake up and her features are back again, it makes her feel younger. And the freedom of not having to worry about it every day automatically puts a little pep in her step.”

Today’s most sought-after procedures are eyebrows and eyeliner. And who doesn’t want non-smear lipstick that never has to be reapplied? Rhoads to the rescue!

When starting out with a new client, regardless of the procedure, the price includes a follow-up appointment so that Rhoads can make any necessary adjustments. “I’m a conservative artist. I would rather it be too light and too skinny than too dark and thick. We can always add more,” she said.

Beyond makeup
Beyond the client who seeks the gratification of waking up with makeup, clients with surgical or burn scars can benefit from permanent cosmetic procedures, as can women who have undergone breast reconstruction or breast reduction procedures that affect the appearance of the areola. Currently, Rhoads is the only permanent cosmetic provider in the area doing scar work and areolas, and area doctors are referring their patients with confidence.

A woman whose neck was disfigured from an automobile accident got a new lease on life when Rhoads used a combination of corrective pigment to camouflage the scars and blend them in with her natural skin tone. Another client had scars on her arms from domestic violence and had been hiding them under her clothing for years. At her follow-up visit after undergoing scar camouflage, she beamed with pride as she showed off a sleeveless dress she bought for an upcoming occasion.

One woman came in to see Rhoads on the recommendation of her hairstylist. The client had very dark hair, but it was fine, and she had a surgical scar that almost looked like a white headband. Rhoads worked magic by stippling in color to look like hair follicles. At her follow-up visit, the client cried tears of joy as she was able to wear her hair in a ponytail for the first time in 10 years.

Perhaps the topic of areola pigmentation has never crossed your mind. After all, the average person is not applying makeup there. But if you are a breast cancer survivor, you will want to meet Rhoads after reconstruction surgery. By selecting and blending colors to match the original areola, Rhoads uses her artistry to create 3D tattoos that look natural and realistic, helping patients feel confident in their breasts again.

These are just a few examples of how permanent cosmetics can prove to be not only convenient but life changing. If you are considering permanent cosmetics, PCHHI clients overwhelmingly say, “Just do it.”

Local clients speak out

As a former Merle Norman Cosmetics franchise owner, Marcy Beach was accustomed to wearing a full face of makeup every day. She started her permanent cosmetics journey with her brows, moved on to get eyeliner and then had her lips done. “I hated my lips. I have little skinny lips and they are the same color as my skin, so you couldn’t see them if I wasn’t wearing lipstick. Now I just have to wear Chapstick or lip gloss,” she said. “Before, I never left home without makeup because that was how people knew me, and it was so time-consuming. Now I’ll walk out without any makeup. It’s total freedom!”

Anna Servati, who works as Rhoads’ part-time administrative assistant, had been researching permanent eyeliner for a couple of years before meeting Rhoads and deciding to go forward. She went through the process as a client, which helps her relate to new clients. “The eyeliner is fabulous because it saves you that big step in the morning,” she said. She later had her eyebrows done as well and now has the confidence to go about her day with no makeup. “It’s just made my life so much easier. Having both procedures has absolutely changed my life!”

Mame Bowser first became aware of her thinning eyebrows when she saw a picture of herself. “It’s not like you wake up and they’re gone. It’s gradual,” she said. Research led her to Rhoads, and she went in for a complimentary consultation. “Your eyebrows kind of define your eyes. It’s such an important part of your face,” Bowser said. “Sarah is an artist. She feathers as she’s drawing for a natural look. She’s very methodical and you are very involved in the process. It was a great experience—pain-free—and I would recommend her to anyone.”

For Rebecca Garcia, Rhoads was the godsend she had been searching for to restore the appearance of her breasts after a double mastectomy and breast reconstruction surgery in 2009. “I’ve been very insecure since my surgery—you know, to feel like a woman,” Garcia said. Thinking back on the day she met Rhoads, she said, “I almost cry speaking about it. She made me feel so good; she was so upbeat and positive, like it’s going to look so beautiful.” Now that the procedure is done, Garcia said she is completely changed. “She nailed it! The detail is so fine; she made it look so realistic, it’s amazing. My self-esteem is high again. I feel pretty!”

Permanent Cosmetics HHI is located at 10 William Pope Dr., Suite 4, in Okatie, SC. For more information, visit www.permanentcosmeticshhi.com or call (843) 422-4141 to schedule your complimentary consultation.

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