January 2020

Time in a bottle: Put your best face forward with the private label lines at FACES DaySpa

Author: Barry Kaufman

One of the statements most often heard by the truly successful, whether a person or a business, is, “Boy, I wish I could bottle what you have.” In the case of FACES DaySpa, for 37 years the island’s most successful day spa and boutique, they’re one step ahead of you. They have been bottling that FACES magic in their private label lines of cosmetics, bath & body, and skincare products for the past eight years.

“These products really help us put skincare into our clients’ hands,” said owner Patricia Owen. “It’s so important when you get a facial to carry on that treatment at home. Our SignatureSkin line doesn’t cost more than the big labels, and the products are designed to help you carry out your esthetician’s plan to make your skin look and feel better.”

Owen refers to it as “results oriented skincare,” and it delivers exactly what it says on the bottle. Each offering in the extensive product line undergoes rigorous testing from both dermatologist and ophthalmologists, with every ingredient carefully chosen to deliver on the kind of quality FACES is known for. All of their products are designed without skin-sensitizing ingredients like lipids, parabens or synthetic fragrances, but their Pure Natural Skincare line takes it a step further by offering a line free of any animal-derived products. “That line offers essential oils and natural ingredients for fragrances, and the company itself practices fair trade and sustainable practices, so it’s green from start to finish.”

Offering a truly personalized spin on skin care is their line of Power Plexes, 20 high-potency super concentrated serums with effects ranging from antioxidant defense to stress recovery. “They’re kind of like a cocktail for your skin,” Owen said. “You can mix and match, and it takes your skin care to the next level.”

So many options may seem daunting, but FACES helps you out with a personalized prescription card, prepared after each facial and narrowly focused on your particular skin type. On your personal prescription, you’ll find the cleansers, toners, exfoliants, masques, eye cremes, moisturizers and treatments you need to look your best, and instructions on what time of day to apply them.

“You don’t get that kind of personalization from off-the-shelf products,” Owen said.

And they have the science to back up that personalization. Beyond a trained esthetician’s assessment, clients can see the “before” picture for themselves inside the boutique’s specialized skin scanner—a blacklight machine that spotlights everything from dry patches to clogged pores for a more well-rounded picture of your own skincare needs.

“There’s no such thing as really ‘normal’ skin,” Feven Hadgu, FACES’ general manager, said. “There is a combination of factors: oily, dry, mature, sensitive … really, you’ll only find one to two percent of people have what we think of as ‘perfect’ skin.”

“And they’re all five years old and have never been in the sun,” Owen added with a laugh.

The many repeat customers at FACES already know that they can bring back their empty skincare bottle for a 15 percent recycle discount on their next one. Proceeds from the recycle discount buyback go to Hopeful Horizons.
And while you’re there, you can shop around one of the island’s secret gems at their beauty boutique. There you will find an extensive collection of FACES Bath & Body products as well as their private label makeup line.
“A lot of people don’t realize it, but we have one of the cutest gift shops around,” Owen said.

So come for the discount, stay for a professionally crafted skincare regimen personalized for your skin, and leave with a little bottle of what has made FACES an island institution. 

FACES DaySpa is located at 1000 William Hilton Parkway, D1, in the Village at Wexford. For more information, visit www.facesdayspa.com or call (843) 785-3075 for an appointment.

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