January 2020

Editor's Note: January 2020

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Ella Patrick

Reflecting on the fact that we are about to embark on the year 2020 is mindboggling. I’ve heard the elder generation remark that the older you are, the faster time flies, and I think I’ve arrived. 2020 seemed so far off—a time when everyone would be driving flying cars and have robots that did everything for them. Yes, my vision of the future was shaped by the Jetsons.

So here we are in 2020, and I don’t have a robot to clean my house, we still aren’t driving flying cars, and although a lot has changed, not much has changed at all.

We thought it would be interesting to ask a few young people what their vision of the future was and, as a sort of time capsule, what subjects they currently enjoy in school and what occupation they see themselves having 20 years from now. The best part of our month was getting to meet these kids and see how they opened up and sometimes got downright silly at the interview. Their energy is infectious, and they really do say the darndest things. Check out the feature on page 62. For this one, I would highly recommend checking out their video interviews on Celebrate Hilton Head’s YouTube channel as well. Hilarious!

In honor of 2020, we spent some time on those two little body parts that show us the world. There’s a pretty good chance you are using them now—unless you have a thoughtful partner or friend who is nice enough to read to you. Flip over to pages 28-47 for vision-related articles, sassy spectacles, and good advice from local eye doctors.

And let’s be honest, what would a January issue be without a focus on fitness and getting that dad bod back into shape for the beach? In other parts of the USA, they can afford to slack for a few weeks after New Year’s, but not in the South. We could be in bathing suits by the end of March. So, with that thought haunting you, head over to page 59 and discover 20 places to workout in 2020.
As we hit the reset button for a brand-new year, I would also encourage you to make time to read Michelle Roldán-Shaw’s article, Rehashing the 10 Year Challenge, and Linda Hopkins’ piece on Finding Your Purpose. They are just the sort of deep, thoughtful articles you want hitting you when you’re hungover and ready to make a change. ;-)

Happy New Year everyone. We don’t know what 2020 will bring around here, but we sure are excited to find out!

Much Love,

Maggie Washo

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