January 2020

Salt Your Soul: Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina Introduces Pure Salt Studios

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

When was the last time you visited a salt cave? For many of us, the answer is never have I ever. Well, now you can give it a try, because Pure Salt Studios has come to Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina, offering a state-of-the-art halotherapy experience.

Though you may not have heard of it, halotherapy (or salt therapy) isn’t new. Ever gargle with warm salty water, use a neti pot, or soak in a salt bath? Such natural remedies have been around for hundreds if not thousands of years. The difference in today’s modern salt rooms is the use of dry vs. wet salt and its ability to travel deep into your respiratory system.

Potential health benefits of inhaling dry salt were noted back in 1843 when a Polish physician observed that the salt miners did not get the lung diseases common among other miners. Later, a German physician found that people who hid in salt mines that were used as bomb shelters during World War II had fewer respiratory conditions. So, scientists and doctors began studying this phenomenon and have since figured out how to replicate the environment.

According to Lauren Dills, owner of Pure Salt Studios at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina, salt is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. “It acts like a toothbrush on your whole respiratory system,” she said.

Many people seek treatment for ailments such as sinusitis, allergies, asthma, COPD, coughs, snoring and sleeping problems. Others utilize salt sessions to support optimized breathing and performance for athletes, when traveling to combat jetlag, to boost immune systems and to reduce stress and anxiety. Dills encourages you to come in when you are well to maintain not only your respiratory health but mental health.

Dills initially learned about halotherapy when her father, Tim Bell, suffered with a chronic cough. Over the course of many years, diagnoses varied, and traditional treatments failed, so their family began seeking alternative options. The consistent use of halotherapy proved to be the solution, and when he relocated to the Lowcountry, he opted to build the salt studio he needed and help introduce others to the life-changing therapy. The family owns and operates Pure Salt Studios in Bluffton and has recently expanded to serve Hilton Head Island at the Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina location.

“When we watch people come out of the salt room and hear the results they’re getting, it’s inspiring. We got into it because our own family had a need. But now, watching how it can help others is what really keeps us going,” Dills said.

What to expect
Designed to simulate the environment of Himalayan salt caves, all walls are made of pure Himalayan salt. The floor is loose Himalayan salt. “You come in, leave your shoes in a basket by the door, and sit back in a reclining chair with heat and massage. We provide you with a pair of headphones so you can choose which meditation or playlist you would like to listen to during your session, the lights are dimmed, and you can get comfortable under a fresh blanket,” Dills said.

Meanwhile, a halogenerator (“the star of the show”) crushes up and disperses micro particles of salt into the air. You simply sit quietly and breathe the refined air as you relax and clear your mind.

In addition to the health advantages, don’t underestimate the value of the respite. “When is the last time you took 45 minutes for you?” Dills asked. “I call it the digital detox—nobody calling you, no emails, no phones, nothing you can reach for—45 minutes of ‘you time.’ Taking care of our mental health is so important in addition to supporting a vital function of our body: breathing.”

The extras
Beyond the salt room, Pure Salt Studios offers a three-in-one infrared sauna, meaning you get the benefits of near-, far- and mid-infrared rays. “Each one targets a different aspect of your body,” Dills explained. “Unlike a typical spa sauna, it’s infrared light, so it’s a dry heat. The infrared sauna induces a deep sweat to make the heart pump faster, increase blood flow, lower blood pressure and help circulation. Scientific evidence shows using an infrared sauna a couple times a week lowers blood pressure. The heat penetrates tissue, joints and muscles to relieve minor aches and pains and chronic pain conditions.

When you enter the sauna, a smart tablet awaits you, allowing you to choose your goals for the 40-minute session, whether it’s detox, relief from joint and muscle aches and pains, wound healing, natural anti-aging or relaxation, Dills explained. “It changes the combination of rays to target what you want to work on. The intention is that you can come in and experience a salt session—which focuses on clearing out your respiratory system—then enjoy the sauna to detox your body as whole or other focused areas. Many of us ensure we watch what we put into our bodies or workout, but when was the last time you supported your respiratory, immune and mental health?”

Before you leave, you’ll also want to indulge in the kombucha bar. “The one we have chosen to carry on draft is made with green tea as opposed to black tea, so it has a more palatable flavor profile. When serving it on draft, you’re also adding the CO2, which makes it a little lighter and more refreshing,” Dills said, naming off the enticing rotating flavor combos including favorites like cinnamon cranapple and pineapple turmeric. “It’s fermented green tea, which contains probiotics that are so helpful for your digestive system. And because it’s made with the green tea, it also has the benefit of all the antioxidants.”

Pure Salt Studios also offers a “clean market,” which includes a variety of wellness products for sale: apple cider vinegar supplements; food coma/party recovery supplements; rose quartz rollers; ice rollers; manuka honey (known for its anti-viral, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties), turmeric and chai concentrates; salt blocks for cooking; teas; cooking salts; toxin-free nail polish and polish remover; and much more.

A variety of membership options and package rates are available as well as opportunities for single sessions, children’s sessions, and massage by appointment. Group wellness classes include weekly meditation and sound healing, reflexology, golfers’ workshops, yoga, energy healing, and chakra clearing—all with the added benefit of salt therapy during your class.

“We encourage you to make it a lifestyle with these all-natural remedies,” Dills said. “There is so much science behind the disconnect and behind breathing—how we can calm our whole nervous system. A lot of people come just for anxiety and relaxation and to focus on those breaths. It calms your brain and calms your nervous system so you can function as your best self.” 

Pure Salt Studios is located at 9 Harbourside Ln., Suite B, at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina on Hilton Head Island. For more information, visit www.puresaltstudios.com or call (843) 715-2825.

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