November 2019

Editor's Note: November 2019

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Krisztian Lonyai

The first time I came across actor Josh Brolin’s Instagram account was last year at about the same time he was in every movie that came out. That is an exaggeration, of course, but after seeing him consecutively in Avengers Infinity War, Sicario 2 and Deadpool 2, he was on my radar.

Not too long after these films released, I remember reading an article about him (I wish for the life of me I could remember where so I could properly credit the writer). A few take-aways from the piece were his amusing Instagram posts and that he really loved his wife. So, I gave him a follow and his posts did not disappoint.

It was there that I first saw his wife Kathryn, then very pregnant with their daughter Westlyn, dancing to a Post Malone song in the kitchen of their home, presumably trying to dance the baby out. Their relationship seemed so genuine and loving—and their silliness together was a refreshing departure from the “curated posts” that are rampant these days.

Fast forward to July of this year as photographer Krisztian Lonyai and I were setting up the CH2 studio for our Women in Business photo. I’m not sure how Kathryn’s name came up—I think maybe he was telling me he had just had a visit with his friend and her new baby in Hungary. Turns out that friend was Kathryn Brolin, and the two had met years ago when she was modeling. What a small world, eh?

After a few quick texts, Kathryn agreed to an interview about her company, Midheaven Denim, for this, our first Fashion issue. Krisz and Kathryn reconnected again in Malibu for the shoot, and writer Iain Denholm had the opportunity to chat with Kathryn about being a new mom, the fashion industry and why she was driven to create a line especially for tall women.

A little closer to home and following the month’s fashion theme, writer Linda Hopkins had the opportunity to meet and interview Neely Powell, founder of the Charleston Shoe Co. and guest speaker at WAHHI’s September luncheon. Powell has combined style and comfort to offer women shoes they can wear for work, play, or a night on the town without hurting their feet (or their pocketbooks).

In a fashion feature combining everything we love about the Lowcountry this time of year, our crew headed to the May River to join Emily and Anna Pepper of Gigi’s Boutique for a family oyster roast. See pages 58-64 for what to wear to your next oyster roast or Southern food festival.

If you haven’t been to Greenville lately, you should definitely plan a weekend trip. This gorgeous town in upstate South Carolina set the stage for our final travel/fashion series in 2019, and we were blown away by the remarkably well-planned center of town. Greenville is extremely pedestrian-friendly. Water features and green space abound, and an abundance of cute shops and restaurants line Main Street, which leads to a breathtaking park with waterfalls. Check out our Greenville adventures starting on page 34, and be sure to head over to our website and YouTube channel for even more Behind the Scenes coverage.

Happy Thanksgiving to all. Can you believe it’s almost time to say au revoir to 2019?!

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