November 2019

Eyeland Optique: Fashion for your face

Author: Carol Weaver | Photographer: Lisa Staff

Billy Simmons, general manager of Eyeland Optique rocks a pair of statement-making gold Tom Ford eyeglasses. Both vision-corrective and fashionable, his specs are a conversation piece, which suits Simmons’ friendly, approachable personality. “People say, ‘That’s a great looking frame. Where did you get it?’ he said, admitting that he has several pairs of glasses to fit his personal wardrobe, allowing him to match his frames to the occasion and mood.

“Glasses have truly become a personal accessory; many people enjoy wearing them while embracing the fashion-forward choices available,” shop proprietor Jeanine Lundstrom said. “With the quality and options we have available from made-to-order eyewear collections, it makes the selection process with clients an exciting and fun experience.”

“Most of our pieces are hand-made from independent eyewear designers,” Simmons added. “They’re going to be more up-to-date and more unique.” And, of course, the quality is reflected not only in the style, but also the durability of a well-made product.

But before fashion comes function, and the health of your eye is at the heart of your vision experience. In need of an annual eye exam? Eyeland Optique has you covered, from the diagnosis of cataracts and glaucoma to prescribing the perfect glasses and contact lenses. You will enjoy the personalized service by the onsite optometrist, Dr. Robert F. Allen OD, MHS, who uses the most advanced technology in the industry. During his comprehensive eye exam, Dr. Allen is focused on the overall health of the eye in addition to your specific refractive needs.

If you already have a prescription, stop in for the best selection of eyeglass frames in town along with Simmons’ personal guidance. He considers your individual vision needs while at the same time encouraging you to think of the image you wish to project. Once he understands your lifestyle and style preferences, he can direct you to the type of lenses and frames that fit great and look great. “I am both your optician and your fashion consultant,” he said. “Whether you want a fuchsia polka-dotted frame with an exaggerated style or a frame that is rimless and conservative, we want you to be the best version of you.”

Eyeland Optique takes pride in offering a curated selection of eyewear and many exclusive lines of frames that you are not likely to find elsewhere in the area. According to Lundstrom, one of the things that makes them even more unique is the availability of eyewear that can be customized. “We can change the shape, size, and color—mix and match—to your personal preference,” she said. “These collections are designed by optical professionals who understand fit and functionality while providing unique designs that truly give you that one-of-a-kind look.”

The professionals at Eyeland Optique invite you to experience the difference in their client-centric approach. “You have more than an optician when you work with me,” Simmons said. “You have someone who genuinely cares and who wants you to see well, feel good and look good. We want you to love your frames and be confident in the image you project.” 

Eyeland Optique is located in The Fresh Market Shoppes, 890 William Hilton Parkway, Suite 93. For more information, visit or call (843) 681-2020 for an appointment.

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