November 2019

Going to the Dogs: Captain Woody’s Oyster Roast heats up November

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

It’s the thick of the R months, which means two equally important things on Hilton Head Island. The first is that the locals have now nearly fully reclaimed the island from the throngs of visitors who flock to our shores. Not that we don’t appreciate the tourism money they bring in, it’s just that right about this time of year we’re excited to not be dodging the combined populations of every midwestern state during every trek down 278.

The second, and perhaps most important thing signified by the R months, is the return of the great Lowcountry tradition, the oyster roast. And one of our favorites happens to be one that sees locals doing what they do best: giving back.

This year’s bi-annual Captain Woody’s Oyster Roast, November 2 from 4-7 p.m., will once again see hungry islanders descending on the restaurant’s Hilton Head Island location to celebrate the delectable morsels of our coastal waters. And by enjoy, we of course mean devour.

“On average, we’ll probably go through 60-80 cases of oysters,” said General Manager Tracy Wilson. “The cases are 144 count each, thereabouts. So, you do the math.”

We tried—but then we got very hungry.

In addition to the titular oyster roast, hamburgers, hot dogs, plus soups and happy hour specials will be offered to fend off the creeping autumn chill. The Chiggers will be on hand to keep toes tapping, but the most honored guests might just be the four-legged fur babies of the Hilton Head Humane Association. A portion of the proceeds benefit the HHHA, who will be on hand with a few adoptable pets.

“They’ve been great to work with,” Wilson said. “They always show up and bring dogs.”

That admiration goes both ways.

“Hilton Head Humane is grateful every day for the long-term support of Captain Woody’s,” said Fran Gerthoffer, HHHA executive director. “Everyone there means to world to us! The Oyster Roasts are a proven good time!”

The Humane Association’s involvement with the Oyster Roast has come with a few added benefits for Wilson, who adopted her first puppy, Sadie, from one of the events back in 2000. “I fell in love and adopted her a couple of weeks later,” she said.

Captain Woody’s Oyster Roast will be held November 2 from 4-7 p.m. (well, the food shuts down at 7. In classic Hilton Head Island form, the party will continue). For more information, call (843) 785-2400.

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