October 2019

The Relationship Business: Nix Flooring & Design: more than making your home beautiful

Author: Barry Kaufman

Walking into the Nix Flooring & Design showroom on S.C. 170, you might almost have to do a double take to convince yourself you haven’t stepped into an art gallery. A far cry from your standard flooring showroom—think rows upon rows of A-frame racks, wall displays and shelves sagging with samples—the experience at Nix is a little more cultivated.

“A lot of other showrooms overwhelm you, because they feel like they have to carry anything,” said Heather Nix, who co-founded the company with her husband Kenny. “Kenny was very selective when it came to vendors and really zoned into this specific niche market.”

The result is a showroom that pops with artistry, a meticulously curated collection of top designers. Tiles from designers like Alyse Edwards, Jeffrey Court, and Adex all speak to different design philosophies but carry an unmistakable air of sophistication. It’s a showroom specifically designed not to overwhelm, but rather inspire.
That inspiration is at the heart of Nix Flooring & Designs ethos. They don’t just want to make your home look nicer. They don’t just want to add resale value. To be clear, they do both of those things and they do them well, but it’s about more than that.

“We love doing reno work because we get to interact with the customer more and see how excited they are,” Heather said. “They love their space and they’re just over-the-top happy with it. That makes all the work worth it.”

Of course, it’s easy to spread that kind of happiness when you’re doing the job right. Kenny is famous for his tell-it-like-it-is approach, backed by years of experience. If there’s a problem—and Murphy’s Law is often vigorously enforced during remodels—he’s the type of person who will get out in front of them and give customers his honest assessment.

“We focus on relationships,” Heather said. “There are hiccups in any job, but with us, we do everything possible to make it right. Some guys tend to run away from problems; Kenny tends to run toward them.”

The trick there is to be experienced enough so that those problems rarely happen. Kenny started on the ground floor of the flooring industry, working as an installer for 25 years. From basketball courts to tile bathrooms, he learned at every level, seeing how other installers cut corners to save time and money and vowing that when he opened his own firm, he’d do it right. He also learned from other members of the famed Nix family (his grandfather worked with Charles Fraser in building Sea Pines, and his uncle Joe founded Nix Construction, the firm that built Coligny Beach Park along with many of the island’s most beautiful homes).

It’s a legacy he’s proud to be a part of, as he and Heather forge their own path with Nix Flooring & Design, one satisfied customer at a time. 

Nix Flooring is located at 6983 North Okatie Hwy., Unit A, Ridgeland. For more information visit, www.nixflooring.com or call (843) 645-1649.

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