October 2019

Who’s Having a Party in your Trash Can? Let Shiny Bins get rid of unwanted guests

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Stefan Bauroth, Trish Elliott and Jason Frobase own Shiny Bins, a brand-new service that will come to you and clean those nasty trash cans sitting in your garage.

Nobody’s talking about it, but everybody’s doing it: taking out the garbage. If you’re holding your breath when you lift the lid, guess what? Bacteria is having a party in your can! Right this very moment, a host of creepy, crawly invisible microorganisms—bugs like listeria, E. coli, salmonella and more—are dancing with glee, feasting on your discarded food scraps, empty milk containers, soiled diapers, bagged pet waste, you name it. Even though your garbage is tied up in a sturdy bag, these scoundrels will break in and make themselves at home along with insects, maggots and other unwanted guests.

The bad news is that the bacteria building up in your can may cause more than a foul odor; it can also make you and your family sick. The good news is, Shiny Bins can send these visitors packing and keep you safe from dangerous germs.

Shiny Bins to the rescue
Shiny Bins is a new service, founded in December 2018 by three area entrepreneurs/local business owners, Stefan Bauroth, Trish Elliott, and Jason Frobase, who are making it their new business to clean up the Lowcountry’s trash bins. They purchased their high-pressure, high-temperature garbage can cleaning machine in April 2019 and are now serving Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Okatie, and Beaufort. Here’s how it works:

When you sign up for service, the Shiny Bins crew will come by on trash day after your bins have been emptied. (Just leave them at the curb, or if your cans are in a service yard, make sure they are accessible.) They will lift your cans onto their machine and give them the once over—sanitizing and deodorizing, inside and out. Then they will take it all away, leaving your cans, your driveway, and your yard completely free of any residual dirty water or bacteria.

If there is trash or debris left in the bottom of your can, they get that out, too. “We use 250-degree water, so it essentially melts off anything that’s stuck,” Frobase said. “And we have a commercial-grade lemon scent we spray in it to further disinfect and make it smell nice.”

“It’s a great service, because people do not realize how dirty their can is until they get it cleaned professionally,” Elliott said, displaying before and after photos of bins recently cleaned—think spa treatment/garbage can makeover.

Now that you understand the scope of the problem that smelly garbage represents, you may be considering just doing it yourself with your garden hose or portable pressure washer. Don’t even think about it. “There are some people who clean their own can. But then all that stuff runs down your driveway,” Frobase said. “Ours is self-contained, which means we don’t release dirty water or suds out into the street.”

“That’s the difference,” Bauroth explained. “If you wash your can in the driveway, it’s running down into the ground and any nearby lagoon, ultimately winding up in the May River [or the Intracoastal Waterway]. Then all of that contamination is in the water [which affects the health of our entire ecosystem including our food sources].” Shiny Bins disposes of it, with appropriate authorization to do so, in the sanitary sewer system where it gets properly treated.

Making dirty work fun
When Frobase, Bauroth, and Elliott set out to start this business, they agreed to have fun with it. “It’s a dirty business, but we want to make it fun for ourselves and our customers,” Bauroth said. “This is our business away from business. We want to get out there, enjoy what we do, and make our customers happy.”

The big truck with the shiny green trash bin on the side is rapidly gaining popularity in the Lowcountry as customers and curious neighbors come out to watch. “Our customers are so nice,” Elliott said. “It’s been a great venture so far.”

Nobody wants to think about or talk about their smelly garbage. Now you don’t have to, because Shiny Bins takes the unpleasant task of cleaning up to a whole new level. Clean garbage cans lessen the fun for germs, bacteria, insects, and rodents in and around your bins. To put it simply, there will be no more wild parties in your garbage cans, which means you will breathe easier and have more fun—or at the very least suffer a lot less discomfort when you take out the trash. Your nose will thank you!

For more information, visit www.shinybin.com, follow on Facebook at shinybins, or call (843) 620-BINS (2467).

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