November 2019

A Matter of Time: Your home’s beautiful new look doesn’t need to take all year. Sometimes it just takes 15 days.

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

There are plenty of ways to refresh your home’s look. New landscaping, paint, shutters, furniture, fixtures… the list goes on and on. But everyone knows that there are two places that offer the biggest bang for your buck in terms of a home renovation. Just two places where the application of new colors, materials and designs can completely change the character of a home, making it seem like new with just a few simple updates.

We’re speaking, naturally, of the kitchen and the bathroom. In most Hilton Head Island homes, they are the two rooms in which a home begins to show its age first. Your living room can go largely unchanged for decades, save for paint and a new TV, and no one will ever bat an eye. But if you’re still working those white laminate cabinets with the maple trim that made the ’90s such a regrettable era in home décor, people are going to notice. And updating it to get that beautiful modern kitchen, like the one seen on the following page, is easier than you think.

“This kitchen turned out to be the total package; it came out looking really nice in the end,” said Jon Ward, owner of 15 Day Kitchen & Bath. “You always get the neighbors stopping by on jobs like these just to see what’s being done, and everyone really liked it.”

The Yacht Cove kitchen pictured on the following page is a great example of the sort of kitchen makeover that is 15 Day Kitchen & Bath’s calling card: a completely new look, installed with expertise and care, with respect for the homeowner’s time and comfort. It’s the driving principle behind the company, that a fantastic renovation doesn’t need to suffer the same “hurry up and wait” timeframe of your typical contractor.

“I just talked to a customer who had their kitchen replaced (by another contractor), and it took them six months,” Ward said. “I’m not going to tear someone’s kitchen and their life apart for six months. I don’t need to. I’m going to buy or build the cabinets, get everyone’s schedules lined up, and then only when everything’s ready to go am I going to do the tear out.”

Imagine that. A contractor who takes your satisfaction into account and realizes no one likes spending months having to wash dishes in the shower because the kitchen is torn apart.

“I want the customer to be happy, plain and simple,” he said. “I want to have a good working relationship and I want them to have that ‘oh wow’ moment when it’s all done. Any contractor can screw cabinets to the wall or lay some tile. I want them to enjoy the experience all the way around, from picking out tile to choosing cabinets.”

Of course, part of that customer happiness stems from the quick in-and-out timeframe implied in the company’s name. The irony being, most people will settle on a renovation that will take longer than 15 days.

“I’ll get calls all the time from people who have seen my work and say, ‘We want that, but we want you to take your time with it and really see what we can do with it,’” Ward said. So, while 15 Day Kitchen and Bath is happy to show you what they can do in just 15 days, they’re happier still to show you what they can do when you really let them flex their muscles. As a third-generation contractor, Ward has expanded on his original premise to create the sorts of wow-factor kitchens and baths that require a little bit more than 15 days, crafting truly custom cabinets and working with each customer to ensure that every aspect exceeds their standards.

That flexibility and that dedication means a reliable, beautiful kitchen or bath renovation that will stand the test of time. For those looking to put a home on the rental market, it’s a quick and painless way to add a completely new dimension to a property and secure more bookings. For homeowners, it means a partnership with a seasoned expert in home renovation, one that will make sure the final results will amaze you and the process won’t stress you out.

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