September 2019

Local Financial Advisors: Oak Advisors, LLC

Author: Special to CH2

John Chiacchiero and Michelle Myhre, CFP®

Since 2005, Oak Advisors, LLC has been one of Hilton Head Island’s most respected wealth management firms. The company, a fee-only, Securities and Exchange Commission-registered investment advisor, creates customized investment management and financial planning solutions. As a fee-only firm, the company has removed all conflicts of interest and works with its clients in a transparent, fiduciary capacity, where all fees are disclosed.

Oak Advisors is independently owned and operated by John Chiacchiero and Michelle Myhre, CFP®, who have been business partners for over 20 years. “Over the years, we believe our commitment to excellence and high ethical standards are two of the reasons we are still around with many long-term clients, including most of the clients who believed in us in our very first year,” Chiacchiero said.

“During our many years working together, our team has witnessed asset bubbles, market crashes, political turmoil, wars, natural disasters, innovations we couldn’t have imagined, the rise of terrorism, and the worst financial meltdown and economic downturn since the 1930s,” Myhre added. “We believe that staying true to the principles on which we founded the firm—honesty, transparency, and excellence in service—is the reason for our success and longevity.”

The wealth management process requires specific skill sets and professional experience. The Oak Advisors team (including Christopher Kiesel, CFA, Al Cerrati, Heidi Yoshida, CFP®, Earl Nelson, and Carman Franklin) brings this necessary expertise to the process and ensures that their clients with complex financial planning and investment management needs find solutions.

3 Clark Summit Dr., # 201
Bluffton, SC 29910
(843) 757-9339

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