September 2019

Peak Performance Fitness Center: Personalized Training, Real Results

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

From left to right: Christina Lindstedt: BS in health and exercise science; ACSM, TPI Level 3; TRX suspension, rip training, and functional training. Stacey Saritelli: BS in commercial recreation and health education; AFPA Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor certifications; ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant. Casey Walker: BS in exercise science; ACSM, AFAA-NASM; TRX suspension training. Kara Cooke: NASM; TPI Level 2; TRX; Certified Tennis Performance Specialist (CTPS) through the International Tennis Performance Association (iTPA). Camila Pacheo: ACSM; TPI Level 1; TRX suspension training; LaBlast Fitness.

NOT PICTURED: Kristen Waters: Master’s degree in nutritional wellness; BS in exercise physiology; ACSM.

Is the clock ticking on your unused gym membership? Have you lost motivation or simply stopped seeing results? If this sounds familiar, Peak Performance Fitness Center invites you to try a new approach.

Owner Christina Lindstedt is a familiar face on the Hilton Head Island fitness scene, and her gym concept is grounded in her formal education, personal athletic experience, and 17 years of experience as a trainer. Offering one-on-one training and small group fitness programs, she said, “I created this space to be able to focus on what you need. I want people to actually see results—be healthier and get what they want.”

Walking into Peak Performance for the first time, the difference is palpable. While you will see clients of different ages and abilities at any given time of day, no one is on the treadmill for an hour or waiting for a machine. “It’s not the kind of place where you go and do your own thing. No one is hanging out just talking,” Lindstedt said. “I think the energy in here and the look of it is very appealing. It’s fresh. It’s clean. There’s enough space for people to move without being on top of each other.”

There’s also no high-pressure sales pitch or push to commit to a monthly membership fee. You pay only for the private training services or class packages you want, and you never have to worry about an expiration date—perfect for part-time residents and clients who travel.

One of the focuses at Peak Performance is golf training, with three Titleist Performance Institute (TPI)-certified trainers available to help everyone from aspiring junior golfers to recreational golfers who simply want to up their game. “We want to see them playing better, improving their games and not getting injured,” Lindstedt said.

“I’ve been able to increase both my speed and distance [on the golf course], gaining about 20 yards over the past four years training with Christina. I can see the improvements in my scores and my overall strength and fitness,” said 18-year-old Daniel Azallion, current reigning South Carolina Junior Golf Champion, headed to Virginia Tech to play collegiate golf this fall. “The new gym is cool. I especially like the Keiser machine.”

The Keiser machine is a multi-functional strength trainer with pneumatic technology to allow full control over resistance and a more fluid motion than is possible with typical weight stacks, Lindstedt explained. “I can put my 97-year-old on it or my high school athlete.”

But perhaps what makes Peak Performance Fitness Center most appealing is the feeling of belonging. Whether you are there to improve your golf game, lose weight, build muscle, gain flexibility, or to be strong enough to carry the groceries in from the car, there is a place for you and a trainer who gets it. From the thoughtful selection of equipment to the conscious use of space, the gym is ideal for everyone from the elite athlete to the first-time gym goer and everyone in between.

For Betty Taylor, it’s important to work with a trainer who understands where she is in life but also doesn’t underestimate what she’s capable of. “I owe a lot to Christina. She just lifts my spirits, and I know she’s not going to hurt me,” she said. “The new gym is always immaculately clean. It’s a nice environment; you don’t feel crowded and you’re never bored.” Taylor trains at the gym twice a week, plays golf, gardens, and enjoys a full and active lifestyle at 94-years-young.

In addition to personalized one-on-one training, Lindstedt makes a strong case for keeping group fitness classes small, “eight to ten people max so the instructor knows the individuals and their needs and limitations,” she explained. “We really want to keep a watch on each student’s form, preventing injuries and making the most out of the workout.”

“Having had back surgery, I wanted to make sure they would be really attentive to my form,” said Darlene Schuetz, director of community relations and marketing at Hospice Care of the Lowcountry. “All of the instructors are fantastic—knowledgeable and experienced—and because the classes are not huge, you get a lot of undivided attention. It’s great for all ages. We’re all having fun; we’re all challenged.”

Meet your match
Lindstedt is aware that relationships matter, and she does her best to play matchmaker. When assessing a new client’s needs, she said, “Because of the diversity of our trainers, we can definitely fit somebody. For example, if someone is a golfer, I’m going to put them with one of our TPI-certified trainers. If they are looking to improve overall strength, I might ask them a little more about themselves. I try to think of who the person would like or enjoy. We have people who can train anybody—any athlete, any sport, any injury, any age, or any goal.”

Peak Performance Fitness Center is located in Port Royal Plaza, 95 Mathews Dr., Suite 3-4 on Hilton Head Island. For more information, visit or call (843)715-0540 to schedule a consultation. Hours are by appointment only.

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