August 2019

Editor's Note: August 2019

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: Krisztian Lonyai

Our daily encounters with others are massive opportunities for growth and education if we just pay attention. Years ago, I remember my mentor taking meetings with various people that I thought were a waste of time. It only became evident to me much later that he was shrewdly taking in every word of those conversations in an attempt to learn something. He would sit there, listening intently, every so often making a note on his yellow legal pad.

As I was reading through this year’s Women in Business section, I felt like Piece Lowrey, jotting down little mental notes from all of these successful women. A few things popped out at me after reading through these interviews: (1) binge-watching Netflix seems to be the most common guilty pleasure; (2) most of these ladies don’t think luck had anything to do with their success—just a lot of hard work; and (3) everyone is looking for the “secret” to successfully balancing family, life and a career. In fact, the ladies at Branches Designs put it best: “If anyone ever tells you they have it all together, run!”

It was an honor to meet and interact with a lot of these powerhouse women as we worked to put this issue together. Be sure to check out our Behind the Scenes video on CH2’s YouTube channel to get an even closer peek into what they do.

In the pages of this issue, we highlight a jewelry designer, WWE wrestler, a meteorologist and three teenage entrepreneurs who are starting in the business world before even heading to college. As a woman in the year 2019, we have choices—and as a woman who never really saw herself having children, I am grateful. On the opposite side of that spectrum, however, we also have the opportunity to choose to give it all up for the most important job ever: raising children. In a heartfelt letter to our readers, Heather Quinn talks about her decision to put her personal #momboss movement on hold for a minute and just revel in all that is wonderful about making time for family.

In a few articles highlighting what we love about the South, writer Laura Jacobi teaches us about etiquette in these parts (page 49) and why porch-sitting is making a comeback (page 54). Michele Roldán-Shaw takes us on her travels through small Southern towns and regales us with tales of the hospitality this part of the world is known for. Our team experienced that hospitality in late June when we headed over to Tybee Island to shoot this month’s fashion feature. See our continuing series highlighting fun places to go for a long weekend on page 32, and stay tuned for Explore Greenville, coming later this year.

I thought I was the only weirdo who stopped to pick up trash on a long walk or run, but it turns out I’m in good company. Check out our story about some local environmentalists who are doing their part to clean up our waterways (page 70). Maybe they will inspire you to help clean up your little corner of the world. After reading some “not-so-fun facts” about how much trash is in our oceans, I will double my efforts to pick up items tossed out of car windows during my walks. Just think of all those extra calories burned while squatting to pick up plastic straws, beer cans and Styrofoam food containers.

Enjoy the last days of summer. The kids will be going back to school, and we’ll be dodging hurricanes before you know it! 

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