August 2019

2019 Women in Business: Tracy Molloy, Kristin Walker, and Theresa Wine

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McGriff Insurance Services

What are the three most important lessons you have learned building your business?
Tracy Molloy: See the big picture. Get to know the client in their world and find out what concerns them most. Constant learning. Keep up with changes in the marketplace both from a consumer standpoint and an underwriter’s view. Never sell on price, always on value. In our business, value is so much more important than a cheap price.
Kristin Walker: Develop a strong Center of Influence team; don’t be afraid to ask for the business; and never give up.
Theresa Wine: Even on the worst day, I am blessed. Never forget where you came from and where you are headed. It’s not personal, it’s business.

What has been the role of luck in your success?
TM: Luck is directly related to how much effort you’re putting into your business.
KW: A strong center of influence.
TW: I like to believe that it has been through effort and determination, not luck that I have achieved success.

When you first started what was the biggest challenge when it came to cultivating clients/customers?
TM: Building relationships here takes a lot of time and care. Nothing comes easy or fast, but when they come together, they are built on trust and familiarity.
KW: Networking was a challenge when I started back in 2000. It seemed that the other agents were already working with people I wanted to work with. I had to learn to get out of my shell and hit the bricks to meet new people.
TW: Building new relationships.

How long have you been in business?
TM: 14 Years
KW: 19 years
TW: 15 Years

What is your balancing secret in managing a business and family?
TM: Always take time for the little things that bring you happiness. It’s easy to get so busy you forget who you are.
KW: I haven’t quite mastered that one yet, but I’m open to suggestions.
TW: To be honest, they both manage me, but I just coordinate the chaos.

What is your guilty pleasure?
TM: Fast cars!
KW: Ben & Jerry’s Coffee, Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz ice cream!
TW: Netflix binge watching.

Tracy Molloy
Family Risk Manager
(843) 815-0548
(843) 368-7447 (cell)

Kristin Walker
Family Risk Manager
(843) 815-1909
(843) 227-7787 (cell)

Theresa Wine
Commercial Business Agent
(843) 815-0544
(843) 301-3520 (cell)

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