July 2019

PEMF: What is it, and How Can it Benefit Me?

Author: Melissa Star

We all know the electric car company Tesla, run by the flamboyant entrepreneur Elon Musk. However, many people do not know Musk’s Tesla was inspired by the late nineteenth century inventor, Nikola Tesla. It was the ingenuity of Tesla which first demonstrated the restorative principles of electromagnetic fields. His research evolved into what we now know today as Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field (PEMF) therapy—a technology that is used by professional athletes, chiropractors and other well-care professionals.

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration,” Tesla wrote.
Over the past 40 years, researchers around the globe and NASA have performed thousands of studies on the effects of PEMF. The results of these studies have proven Tesla’s original theory: the body is an electro-organism comprised of trillions of cells that work together through electric current. These cells act like battery packs in our body and naturally lose their charge as we age, consequently, leading to poor circulation, inflammation, chronic pain and disease.

In a 2012 study published in the Journal of Orthopedic Surgery and Research, involving 44 patients with fractured tibias that were either taking longer than normal to heal or not healing at all, regardless of age or health, after undergoing high powered PEMF therapy 77.3 percent of the fractures finally healed.

Another study, published in Pain Research and Management, involved 32 patients who were experiencing chronic musculoskeletal pain, half of which had fibromyalgia. After seven days of PEMF therapy, individuals were assessed, and their pain scores were down by an average of two points. The individuals with fibromyalgia experienced the most benefit, lowering their scores by almost three points.

PEMF therapy does not treat medical conditions; rather, it provides the body’s cells with an optimal charge. The human body is 70 percent water. Bioelectricity is primarily conducted through this water. In order for the body to heal itself naturally, it must replenish the charge that exists in healthy cells. Science has proven that damaged, weak cells have an imbalanced electrical charge and that there are only four main ways to recharge a cell: exercise, raw food, water, and magnetic fields (PEMF).

Research has conclusively demonstrated that by applying intermittent pulses of high powered PEMF therapy to the body, penetrating through soft tissue, organs and bones, cells will activate. By stimulating dormant cells with this pulsed action, dormant cells restart their functionality.

Cells work like a pump, opening and closing, taking in oxygen, hydrating and expelling toxins. The best way to visualize what PEMF actually does to your body’s cells is to imagine a can of soda sitting on a shelf and all of the carbonation is just sitting idle. Then imagine shaking that can of soda and the carbonation comes to life! The bubbles, like your cells, will separate, activate and perform because you provided it with the energy required for activation.

- PEMF has been shown to reduce, if not eliminate, joint discomfort and stimulate bone growth. PEMF therapy has been proven to be a useful adjunct to treat postoperative edema and pain.

- The FDA has approved PEMF therapy to help with depression in patients unresponsive to medication.
NASA has long used PEMF therapy to reverse the bone loss and muscle degeneration that astronauts experience due to lack of contact with Earth’s magnetic frequency.

- Today we are surrounded by a concrete world and have virtually lost the direct contact with the earth needed to put us in touch with the inherent electromagnetic fields of energy derived from the earth.

- The earth’s atmosphere is charged by thousands of daily lightning strikes that pump energy into the earth-atmosphere and cause it to vibrate or resonate at extremely low electrical frequencies.

-These frequencies circumnavigate the globe an average of 7.83 times per second, which is the frequency that correlates with the average frequency of alpha brain waves in human beings.

- In order to make new cells, the body requires -50 millivolts of energy, amino acids, fats vitamins and minerals.

Today these natural energies are no longer experienced by people in their pure form. With concrete surfaces and negative electromagnetic frequencies (EMF’s) from the internet/wifi, Bluetooth and other negative exposure’s, otherwise known as electrosmog, our bodies are not getting enough of the positive energy provided by the earth. Many believe this loss of contact with the earth’s magnetic field is the root cause of the chronic conditions and disease from which our society suffers.

Therapeutic PEMF devices operate at an extremely low frequency, are non-ionizing, and have been safely used around the world for decades. The technology is not new; it simply has not been readily available to the public until now. PEMF is an outside energy source that recharges stressed, underpowered cells like the batteries they essentially are so they can meet the energy demands for optimal cell function.

Everyone in the modern world is subject to environmental stresses that can challenge optimal wellness. When one’s body is healthy, one sleeps better, experiences more energy, and is less likely to experience pain and inflammation. Inflammation and discomfort are signs of cellular imbalance. PEMF exercise is a pleasant, passive form of cellular exercise that is a safe and effective way to support cellular energy needs. This cellular exercise helps to support the immune system, relax muscles, support the nervous system, support healthy joint and cartilage function, support healthy lung function and support bone structure. 

Melissa Star is the owner of Revive PEMF located in Bluffton. She is a certified PEMF practitioner. For more information, visit www.revivepemf.com

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