June 2019

Good for What Ails You: The island’s best happy hour adds shot of healing power to its cocktail menu

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Following his historic win at The Masters, there was one question everyone was asking about Tiger Woods: was that CBD gum he was chewing? The aging phenom was chewing away nearly every time the cameras were turned to him, and that, coupled with his meteoric recovery from a debilitating back injury, had many speculating that Tiger had discovered the many beneficial and performance-boosting perks that can be derived from CBD.

Beyond its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD boasts a slew of health benefits from pain relief to cardiovascular health to an increase in alertness. All of which come in handy when you’re playing at the highest levels of the sport. And even if you’re not hitting the links, CBD has been a godsend to those battling anything from neurological disorders to anxiety.

Want to try out the powerful new supplement that put Tiger back in the green jacket? Better yet, want to try it out while enjoying a delicious cocktail at the island’s best happy hour? Then head to Rockfish Seafood & Steaks, where the menu now boasts the island’s only CBD-infused cocktails.

“There are so many positive health benefits that come from CBD,” said chef and bartender Joe Gilleland. He’s been experimenting with the supplement, both in a pair of signature cocktails and as wellbeing-boosting shot in a drink the establishment offers. “We offer it as an add-on to beer, wine … everything. You can’t really taste the CBD, so it doesn’t affect the flavor of the beverage.”

Those signature CBD cocktails encompass a CBD Cosmopolitan made with Deep Eddy Vodka and a CBD Tom Collins made with Bulrush Gin. “I’m not a gin drinker, but it is smooth,” said Gilleland. He’s even offered CBD as an add-on to dinner items, by request only, drizzling a little bit of CBD goodness on everything from fish to seafood and steaks. As with the cocktails, diners must be 21 or older to order the CBD supplement to their dish. “When you’re having it with food, it really helps the digestive system.”

The addition of CBD oil to the menu not only captures a trend that is appearing on menus (and golf courses) worldwide, it also brings the Rockfish family somewhat full circle. Owner Rocky Whitehead was a pharmacist in Cincinnati for 40 years and still runs a pharmaceutical business with his son Taylor. “He’s really supported us adding CBD to the menu,” said daughter Stacey who works to market the restaurant. “And we’ve been finding a lot of success with it.”

It’s easy to see why. For just a few dollars more, you can give every delicious libation and mouthwatering dish you sample at Rockfish a health boost. And yes, we should probably address CBD’s origins. Derived from the cannabis plant, CBD delivers many of the same benefits that medical marijuana boasts but without any of the psychoactive properties.

“CBD is something we’ve seen on menus in places like Charleston, and it’s big out West, but no one was doing that locally,” Stacey said. “Especially with dad having a pharmaceutical background, it seemed like a perfect fit to start offering CBD as an add-on by request here at Rockfish.”

Because of its lineage, CBD has been somewhat unfairly demonized in the past, but it bears little resemblance to its currently illegal cousin. That’s not to say some people don’t confuse the two. “I’ve definitely had customers after a cocktail tell me they’re feeling pretty good, and I just have to break it to them that they’re not actually high. It’s all in their head,” Gilleland said with a laugh.

So, don’t expect to get stoned at Rockfish. But do expect to enjoy a delicious cocktail during the island’s best happy hour with a dash of health-boosting CBD. 

Make a reservation at Rockfish Seafood and Steaks by visiting their website www.rockfishhhi.com.

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