June 2019

Mikkelson Law Firm, LLC: Real and Relatable - Bringing the law to life

Author: Linda S. Hopkins

If you’re a fan of television legal dramas, you may be under the impression that all attorneys get dressed up in designer suits and spend their days arguing in court. A visit to the offices of real-life lawyers Ryan and Tiffany Mikkelson, of Mikkelson Law Firm, LLC in Bluffton, will quickly dispel those fictional images.

The Mikkelsons are a more casual, relaxed, family-friendly firm. The attorneys, paralegals and support staff are people just like you—living, working, and raising their families right here in the Lowcountry and supporting local causes that matter. Parents of five children between the ages of two and twelve, you’ve likely seen Ryan and Tiffany out and about. “You’re going to see us at charitable events, sports, and schools,” Tiffany said.

The Mikkelson Law Firm’s business mission is to help you “navigate your trials”—but not necessarily in a courtroom. “Very often our clients come to us during the most stressful periods in their lives—be it a major home purchase, a business transaction, or divorce. From the very first interaction with our paralegals to the closing day with their attorney and every single interaction in between, we are here to guide them through the process,” said Ryan, whose focus is primarily on real estate law.

Tiffany, who specializes in family law, doesn’t need a billboard to solicit clients. Applying her legal expertise, compassion, and problem-solving skills to each individual case, she is one of the area’s most sought-after confidantes for anyone going through a family situation requiring legal advice or intervention.

“I enjoy the counseling side of it, where it’s more than the legal issues. I help navigate people through a custody schedule or how to get the kids through the family transition. I can pull from my own life—offer ideas for managing and solving the daily, logistical family problems. That’s what attracts me to this type of law as opposed to something more transactional,” she said.

According to Tiffany, most family law cases are settled before or in mediation—not in a courtroom. “The whole idea is to compromise and resolve their marital issues. We put the protections and framework in place for their family and their children rather than let a judge who doesn’t know them decide on those matters.”

What the Mikkelsons have set out to do in their practice is to offer more individualized service. “It’s easy for me on the family law side. I do get to know my clients on a personal level and hold their hands through a bad time,” Tiffany said. “Taking an outside view, I ‘talk them off the ledge,’ so to speak. And later, I get the privilege of seeing them flourish when things are all wrapped up and they’ve gotten their life back together.”

“Even from a simple real estate transaction, we try to make it more personal—get to know our clients rather than just treating them as a file that’s opened and shuffled around the office,” Ryan added.

When making serious life decisions that require legal support, doing business with someone you know, like and trust is paramount. And this is where the Mikkelsons shine. Thirteen-year Bluffton residents with deep family roots in the area, Ryan and Tiffany are here to stay. “We try to be a big part of the community—have a local presence,” Tiffany said. “We hope to make a difference in the community.”

To that end, the Mikkelsons are proud sponsors of dozens of clubs, organizations, and educational institutions, most recently co-sponsoring a Youth Zone on the seventeenth green at the RBC Heritage. Their investment in the health and success of the local community, along with their unique client approach, most certainly sets them apart from other firms.

While the lawyers you see on TV might be entertaining to watch, when you’re looking for a lawyer who is real and relatable, look to Mikkelson Law Firm.

Mikkelson Law Firm is located at 214 Bluffton Rd., Bluffton. Areas of practice include real estate closings, family law, probate, estate planning, landlord/tenant disputes, and business development. For more information, visit www.blufftonlawfirm.com or call (843) 757-9330.

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