May 2019

Editor's Note: May 2019

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

For me, May means celebrating moms—even more than Memorial Day weekend, going to the beach or the start of summer fun. Think about it: none of you would be here reading this without your mom, right? (Technically you wouldn’t be here without dad either, but we’ll get to that next month.) ;-)

This issue is our yearly salute to the women who kiss the boo-boos, clean the house, make the dinner and take care of the pets—with an air of self-sacrifice and devotion that’s instinctual. Raising children is the most important job women will ever have, and 56 percent of mothers are doing it while holding down a “real job” simultaneously. How do they do it? At the expense of themselves, most of the time. So, thank (or offer to help) a mom today.

One of the things that’s stayed with me through the years is my mom always talking about a friend of hers who would come over and just “hold the baby” (I was one of five, so there was always a baby to hold) so she could do those little things like shower, put in more laundry, start dinner, etc.

It really does take a village; the little ones are all-consuming for the first few years. At the magazine, we’ve watched Kim’s little girl Palmer grow up into a precocious almost three-year-old. And as of this issue, Ashton’s little Campbell attended her first creative meeting at only four months. (Both little ladies make a guest appearance in this month’s fashion spread). Even though I knew my future did not have tiny humans in it, for some reason I’ve always felt the need to help out my CH2 moms with flexible schedules and an open invite to bring babies and toddlers to work. I know it’s not possible in every profession, but when possible, employers would be well served by investing in their employees and their families.

For this month’s “Five Drinks with” feature, Barry asked me if I knew any famous moms. My mind immediately went to Molly O. Hornbeak, the director of the Bluffton Boys & Girls Club for the last 20 years. I first crossed paths with “Miss Molly” back in 2010 as we worked on being the talent (and I use the term loosely) for Strive to Excel’s Dancing with the Stars fundraiser. Immediately upon making her acquaintance, I felt we had known each other for years. She has the warm yet no-nonsense personality of someone you want to know and would like to be more like. In her 20 years at the Boys & Girls Club, she’s been a mama of sorts to thousands of kids. If you read one thing in this issue, read that one on page 29.

For another must-read in this issue, check out Linda Hopkins’ article on page 43. In “The Last Call, A Reminder to Call Yo Mama While you Still Can,” Hopkins shares with us the moment she should have picked up the phone and gives us the not-so-subtle reminder that life is precious, and tomorrow is guaranteed to no one. So, say what you need to say to the people who matter before it’s too late.

I may be getting a little pushy here, but if you feel compelled to read three things in this issue, flip all the way back to page 122 and join Linh Craig, Brody Weaver, Barry Kaufman and me on an adventure to catch fresh fish for CQ’s and Old Fort Pub. Also, be sure to subscribe to CH2- Celebrate Hilton Head’s YouTube channel, for a behind-the-scenes video of our day on the sea.

While we are talking about videos, just a reminder that a lot of the stories we share every month have Behind the Scenes videos to accompany them; they are released monthly on our Facebook page, on our YouTube channel, and they even pop up when you are reading our online issue on Just look for this symbol throughout the magazine to denote additional online content.

Welp, that’s all I got, folks. I am now off to spend some quality time with my four-legged child at the beach—like a good mom should!


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