May 2019

Cute Clothes for the Carpool Lane (and for other stuff moms do)

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

The Playful Mom
Velvet Heart Demin romper $83,
Twine and Twig necklace $135,
Bracelet $30,
Earrings $33,
Coconuts sandals $80
Available at Gigi’s Boutique

Outfit Tip
Cute flats in a variety of styles are a must for moms.

The Wine/Cocktail Hour on the Porch with Girlfriends Mom
Lysse Orange snakeskin blouse $98,
Elliott Lauren Off-white pants $159.95,
Necklace $129,
Earrings $29,
Bracelet $49
Available at Pink Pineapple

Raising children is HARD. The most difficult job you’ll ever do — and the most important, too. Sometimes all Mama needs is a glass of wine and some good gossip on the front porch with her best friend. No judgment here.

The Working Mom
Birdie James label Navy Tank $38,
Birdie James label Navy blouse $78,
Birdie James label White pant $98,
Selena King earrings $265,
Selena King cuff $285,
GiGi New York bag $325,
Clutch $175
Available at Birdie James

Comfort first
This outfit looks like a million bucks but feels like pajamas.

1. The Carpool Mom
Foxcroft white shirt $95,
Turquoise Sail to Sable lemon sweater $135,
Liverpool white pants $95,
Sheridan Mia yellow shoes $165,
Red Carpet sunglasses $19.95,
Yellow TMRW Studio crossbody $225
Available at Palmettoes

2. The Boating/picnic Mom
Xirena red top $161,
Xirena red pants $157,
Diane Cotton necklace $300,
Think Royln white cooler $188
Available at dluxe

3. The Derby Mom
Patrizia Luca dress $98,
Necklace $58,
Mark Jenkins wedges $99,
Toucan Collection hat $106
Available at So Sandra

4. The Playground Mom
fab’rik label romper $72,
Qupid wedges $37,
Necklace $18
Available at fab’rik

The Date Night Out with Dad Mom
She + Sky dress $49,
Kendra Scott earrings $65,
Mud Pie clutch $14.99,
Kendra Scott necklace $65
Available at Too Belles Boutique

Outfit Tip:
Clutch for keys, phone, lipstick, and bug spray. (Because we live in the South, and the bugs are bad right now.)

The Stay-at-Home Mom
Kerisma sweater $69,
Dear John shorts $68,
Rebels sandals $79,
Necklace $29
Saylor Betty earrings $24
Available at Haskins & Co.

Outfit Tip:
Shorts that aren’t TOO SHORT. Let’s be honest: no mom wants her bum hanging out while trying to do all the things moms have to do in a day.

The Sideline Mom
Blank Paige t-shirt $48,
J Brand jeans $228,
White sneakers $80,
Clutch/crossbody $32,
Erimish Apple Watch band $80
Available at Coastal Bliss

Outfit Tip
Crossbody bag keeps Mom’s hands free for videoing, kissing boo-boos, buckling kids in car seats, and holding sleepy babes.

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