May 2019

Get the Party Started at Gifted: When getting ready for your next big soiree, your first stop should be Gifted Hilton Head.

Author: Barry Kaufman

The advent of spring means that party season is in full swing. A glance over your social calendar for the next few months will show a packed schedule of birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and your classic, “It’s warm out so let’s day-drink” parties.

While each of those events offers another opportunity to get out among friends, it also means the opportunity to shine when you show up to the shindig with the perfect present. That opportunity awaits at Gifted Hilton Head.

The carefully curated collection of owner Meredith Taylor offers up a treasure trove representing the latest, hottest and most exciting gifts, clothing and jewelry. Each visit offers something new from the ever-revolving selection, making it your one-stop pre-party shop. Take a few laps around the store (and you’ll need them—it’s almost impossible to see everything in one go) and you’ll embark on a journey of discovery through some of the coolest gift items in the world, priced to be the perfect bring-along to your next party.

Let’s start with that all-important “just because” party. If you want to make a statement at these social soirees, you’re going to want to come in swinging with the perfect hostess gift.

“Gosh, where do you start?” Taylor said with a laugh. Browse among the aisles, and odds are good that “perfect” will jump out at you. Tea towels emblazoned with sayings both heartwarming and snarky; stylish limestone coasters that absorb and look great doing it; kitchen accessories from cheese boards to Nora Fleming serving platters you can customize to make your own; scented candles crafted from wine bottles….

And if your hostess is the more active type, there’s the always-popular and super affordable Fitzips and Fitcaps. At $7.99, the Fitzip is a stylish waistband that expands in size to hold everything you need for a workout. And the Fitcap is an ingenious cap perfect for cyclists or your always-on-the-go friends. “We sell out of those constantly,” Taylor said. “They fit everybody, they have a nice big brim, and they fold up. And they’re great for travel too.”

The Fitcap is popular with the guys as well, making it a good host gift. And if you’re in the market for that, there’s plenty at Gifted with golf-themed goods from books to unique golf club bottle openers.

Heading to a baby shower? Then you definitely need to head to Gifted, where a whole corner of the store is devoted to a massive selection of the soft, the cuddly and the guaranteed to elicit happy giggles from the new bundle of joy. Stuffed animals that beg to be snuggled, and some that talk back to you in adorably cutesy voices, share shelf space with books, blankets and baby gear you won’t find anywhere else. And each and every item is chosen for quality.

“We have the best baby gifts,” Taylor said, picking up a pillow-soft neutral onesie made with organic fibers. “These are darling.”

And the quality of gifts you’ll find at Gifted is only matched by the price point. We’re not sure what retail magic Taylor weaves as she amasses her goods, but it’s very easy to walk out of here with the perfect gift and plenty of money in your pocket.

Or it would be if not for the fact that you’re going to want to pick up a few things for yourself while you’re there. After all, if you’re headed to a party, you want to look fabulous when you get there, right?

The clothing line covers everything from beach accessories to travel-ready wear like shawls and wraps that won’t break the bank. Try on one of the ever-popular Bordeaux wraps, and you’ll quickly learn why it’s a constant presence among the rotating lineup of fashionable outerwear. And the jewelry selection alone demands you stop and pick up a little something for yourself.

“Uno de 50 is hot as a pistol right now,” Taylor said, her eyes on a sparkling collection of hand-made jewelry from the trendy Madrid-based line. “Everybody loves it, and it looks good on every age group. It’s perfect for our coastal, casual lifestyle.”

Speaking of perfect for the beach, you’ll want to check out the Save the Girls cross-body purse. The stylish way to keep sand off of your cell, this on-trend bag employs an ingenious touchscreen that lets you talk, text and browse without ever taking out your phone. It’s just one of the countless perfect gifts that jumps out at you as you browse, growing increasingly enamored as you go.

Once you find that perfect gift, the super-friendly “Gifted Girls” will gladly wrap it beautifully for you. It’s all part of the Gifted experience. Party season is giving season, and if you’re going to do giving right, you’ll want to make your first stop Gifted Hilton Head. 

Gifted Hilton Head is located at 1000 William Hilton Parkway in the Village at Wexford. For more information, visit or call (843) 842-8787.

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