April 2019

Permanent Cosmetics HHI: The freedom to wake up with makeup

Author: Laura Jacobi | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

When Marcy Beach gets ready in the morning, she no longer has a timely and complicated makeup routine. It’s just a little mascara and she’s out the door. The best part is she still looks like she has on a “full face” because of her now permanent makeup including eyebrows, eyeliner and lipstick. Beach’s new level of freedom is all thanks to Sarah Rhoads with Permanent Cosmetics HHI, located within Sungate Medical Spa in Okatie.

Rhoads’ career in the cosmetics industry started more than 16 years ago when she graduated from high school with her cosmetology license. She moved into the world of permanent cosmetics six years ago, first completing an 18-month apprenticeship. Four years ago, she purchased Dermacolor, now known as Permanent Cosmetics HHI. Permanent cosmetics, also known as micropigmentation, is the technique of placing color pigments within the skin to accentuate and improve definition or correct surgical evidence such as scars.

Rhoads specializes in enhancing clients’ beauty by using permanent cosmetics to create eyeliner, define eyebrows and color and enhance lips. “Most people who come to me are tired of the daily struggle to create eyebrows, or of their eyeliner melting off as soon as they walk out the door,” Rhoads said. “Even lips are an important part of my work, as Mother Nature likes to steal fat from our lips (instead of our hips) as we age.”

Her average client is “65 years young” and searching to free herself from years of painting on her face with makeup every single morning. Rhoads says she treats 72 patients a month on average, booking three to five weeks in advance. “I offer them the freedom to wake up with a refreshed look that requires no effort,” she said.

An Okatie resident, Beach co-owned the local franchise of Merle Norman Cosmetics for 11 years, so makeup was a huge part of her everyday life. While she owned a makeup business, she needed to represent her brand by wearing a full face of makeup on a regular basis. But when she sold the business and retired, she decided to splurge on herself, which meant getting her eyebrows permanently done by Rhoads. “Your eyebrows frame your face,” Beach said. “It’s a little bit of an addiction.”

Once she saw how great her eyebrows turned out, she went back to get permanent eyeliner and lipstick, even using a Merle Norman color. “Being in the beauty business, this has been the best makeup trick I’ve done for myself,” Beach said. “It’s a life-changing, ego-boosting experience.”

It’s more than just a time-saver. It can actually change how you feel about yourself, she added. Beach had scars on her lips from fever blisters. No matter how she applied her lip products, she still hated the way her lips looked. Rhoads not only added permanent color to her lips but was able to correct the scars.

Scar camouflaging is another one of Rhoads’ specialties, working with patients who hate the look of scars left from injury or reconstructive surgery. “I have had some wonderful transformations that were truly life-changing for my clients,” Rhoads said.

As for Beach, she’s not finished yet and is looking forward to what Rhoads can do for her next. 

Permanent Cosmetics HHI is located at 10 William Pope Dr., Suite 4 in Okatie. For more information, visit www.permanentcosmeticshhi.com or call (843) 422-4141 for an appointment.

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