April 2019

Editor's Note: April 2019

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

As we enter the yearly season of longer days and nicer weather, I celebrate all of the extra things that can be knocked off the “have-to-do” and “want-to-do” lists. Attending the RBC Heritage is definitely on my want-to-do list, and since we are the media, technically it’s on the have-to-do list as well. Two of the most interesting articles in this issue are about Hilton Head Island’s yearly golf tournament. For island newbies, we present a quick rundown on everything you need to know before heading down to Harbour Town in Justin Jarrett’s “Heritage for Dummies” on page 41. Immediately following is an article on how The Greenery gets Sea Pines camera-ready for the RBC Heritage—including some fun facts about all of those red geraniums. I bet you’ll be shocked by the actual number that get planted in the days leading up to the event.

It wouldn’t be April without a little spring fashion in the magazine, and this edition might have more than we’ve ever published in one issue, with 20 pages devoted to showing off spring styles for men and women. Both photoshoots were hosted in Bluffton this month—one at the newly opened Old Town Bluffton Inn, and the other at a private estate that’s currently for sale in Rose Hill. Which brings me to a large special section highlighting Lowcountry Realtors on page 63. If you are just visiting and are looking to make your stay in our area a little more permanent, spend some time with these area experts and get the skinny on just what it’s like to be able to get to the beach in under 15 minutes. In keeping with the big real estate theme, Barry Kaufman sat down with longtime Realtor Phil Schembra to talk about a bit of the island’s past, as well as where we are headed into the future. See the story on page 37.

The gentlemen of Cranford Hollow make an appearance in our monthly Musicians in Bathrooms feature, and we photographed them in a bathroom synonymous with the RBC Heritage. See page 140 if you can’t guess where.

Be sure to check out Linda Hopkins’ amusing article, “Beauty and the Birthday,” on page 99. As we age, it’s good to remember that age is just a number and beauty radiates from within.

Have a wonderful April, everyone! See you on the course.

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