March 2019

Savannah Hardscapes and Surfaces: Tucked away on the road to Savannah is a hidden gem with worlds to explore.

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

We’ve all driven by it, on that long road to Savannah. Pushed to the brink of white-line fever by the seemingly endless stretch of live oaks and small-town Lowcountry splendor of Pritchardville, we suddenly snap to at the relative return to civilization that is Hardeeville’s shops and restaurants.

And then, we see it. Rising out of the commercial desert like an oasis of unspeakable beauty, Savannah Hardscapes thrills the imagination with its elysian statuary and glistening ponds. A pathway surrounding this pond speaks to the DIYer in all of us, incorporating attractive outdoor kitchens that make the mind wander to the project list we all keep inside us of the outdoor oasis we’ll build someday. As we continue on our travels toward the Hostess City, many of us have watched this oasis recede in the rearview and thought to ourselves, “One of these days I need to stop and see what that place is all about.”

Having visited, we can assure that the sooner you make “one of these days” today, the better.
Because while the exterior of Savannah Hardscapes entices with idyllic garden inspiration, it’s just a prelude to the jaw-dropping beauty that awaits within, at the Savannah Surfaces side of the business.

“I still feel like we’re the best-kept secret,” said Jessica Cheek, interior sales manager at Savannah Surfaces. “At least once a week we have someone come in and say, ‘I had no idea you were here.’ And the next thing they say is, ‘My gosh you have so much here.’”

It’s a common reaction to a showroom that is anything but common. Beneath soaring ceilings, walls of pristine white glisten with custom mosaics, leading to intricately tiled floors that are wholly in keeping with the rows upon rows of pleasingly presented samples of everything from tile to granite. Representing names like Akdo, Revenna, Tabarka Studio and Granada, the 250 + lines of tile almost overwhelm with their breathtaking designs, each taking the last one’s place in the dream remodel you start planning the second you step inside.

And each step reveals some new surprise. Tiles with kaleidoscopic patterns that repeat, surfaces with subtle textures of the ocean’s waves, tile flooring that looks like weathered shiplap, glass wale tiles in an array of finishes and colors—they all add to the mind-boggling question of where to start.

“It can be a little overwhelming,” Cheek said with a laugh. “Which is why I always tell people, ‘Never shop for tile alone.’”

Fortunately, you don’t have to. The highly trained and dedicated staff is happy to work one-on-one with anyone from designers to DIYers to help them sift through their many options at no additional fee. All you have to do is set an appointment and come in ready to be dazzled.

“In a normal meeting, we would have the architectural plans or the layout, and we’d meet with the homeowner or their design team. Then we learn their likes and dislikes and pull the materials out so they can get a feel for them. If you tell me, ‘I know I want something rustic, Lowcountry, light and white,’ I’d be able to tell you, ‘Stay right here. I’ll be right back.’”

That consultation doesn’t just allow you to pick and choose the perfect tile for your dream remodel. A diverse line of plumbing fixtures helps you truly customize your kitchen and bath, putting you firmly in the driver’s seat as you pursue your DIY dreams.

And you’d get that same attention no matter your budget. “We treat everyone the same way whether they have a $500 budget or a $5,000 budget. Everyone gets the exact same experience,” Cheek said. “Across the board, we always have good, better, and best for price points, so we can always achieve the look you’re going for.”

And with the sheer volume of different styles and finishes on display, coupled with the creativity and knowhow of the staff, you’re going to find what you’re looking for. Even if you didn’t know it was what you were looking for. Take those tiles that look for all the world like genuine reclaimed flooring. You think those are just for floors?

“It doesn’t have to be used in the expected way. I was just working on a project putting it in a shower so it looks like shiplap on the wall,” Cheek said. “Again, it’s about being cost effective but giving everybody the glamorous moment they want without breaking the budget.”

And from this showroom, the design dreams of the world are fulfilled. Through their network of designers, Savannah Surfaces has contributed to projects from Hawaii to the Bahamas and all points in between. It’s a global reputation for quality they’ve cultivated for nearly 20 years of service. And it’s at your disposal, right here in your backyard.

And to think, you were missing out on all of this every time you drove by.

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