March 2019

Windermere Insurance Group: Personalized Protection, Professional Care

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Your house burned down. A hurricane ripped off your roof. A burglar made off with your jewelry. Do you know where your insurance agent is?

Choosing an insurance representative is a bit like finding the right doctor or lawyer. You want someone knowledgeable and experienced who will take an interest in your personal situation—someone you can rely on to recommend adequate coverages for your valued assets, and someone you can count on when you have a claim.

The best insurance solutions come from establishing a relationship with someone you trust and staying in communication when things change. According to private advisors Wendy Harvey and Amy Kinasch of Windermere Insurance Group on Hilton Head Island, this is especially critical for clients who have complex portfolios; they recommend reviewing your coverages, preferably twice a year, but at least annually.

“When we’re talking to people and ask when they’ve reviewed their insurance, it can be years. They just pay the bill and renew, because life gets busy. Especially if it’s escrowed, they don’t think twice about it,” Kinasch said.

“Everybody’s life changes. They don’t automatically think of us, but we want them to,” Harvey added. “We make a point of reaching out to our clients twice a year to ask if anything has changed,” e.g. home renovations, a new car or boat, jewelry or art that needs to be scheduled.

It is this strong commitment to clear and consistent communication, their rare degree of responsiveness and their reliable follow through that inspires loyalty. Harvey and Kinasch actually answer their phones and respond to emails in a timely manner (how refreshing, right?). They familiarize one another with every client profile and policy written, so that when one is not available the other is. And if they don’t have the answer immediately, be assured they will research it and call back within a reasonable timeframe.

“If we say we’re going to do something, we do it,” Harvey said, describing the sense of urgency that drives their work ethic.

Sought out by Windermere to expand the Charlotte-based firm’s reach to the Hilton Head Island and Bluffton area, the partners—both long-term Lowcountry residents living, working, and raising their families here—became a team in 2010. They have over 40 years’ combined insurance industry experience and a reputation for exceeding client expectations at every turn.

“We specialize in high-end personal lines, meaning homes valued at $750,000 or more,” Kinasch said, explaining that other coverages springboard off of that.

“We get a lot of referrals from Realtors, mortgage companies, closing attorneys, neighbors, friends, family. We start with the homeowner’s product, and that can encompass auto, the umbrella policy, and [other coverages],” Harvey explained. And because they are licensed nationwide, they ask to quote any additional real estate holdings as well. (Commercial coverages and employee benefits are available through their Charlotte team.)

“Sometimes we do it with multiple carriers, but we put all the policies together in one binder so the client knows they have one person to call,” Kinasch said.

Harvey and Kinasch are committed to cultivating and developing long-lasting, honest and personal relationships with their customers, insurance carriers and each other. (They even attend a boot camp-style fitness class together at 5:30 a.m. five days a week!)

If you are looking for the right insurance representative, look no further than Windermere Insurance Group. Harvey and Kinasch offer tailored solutions to meet your individual needs—and when you need them, you will know where to find them.

Windermere Insurance Group is located at 2 Palmetto Bay Road, Suite 200, in the South State Bank building, on Hilton Head Island. For more information, please visit or call (843) 341-0080 to schedule an appointment.

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