March 2019

(More Than) Just Cushions: Celebrating 25 years, Just Cushions expands into a one-stop-shop for your home

Author: Barry Kaufman

There’s a subtle fib hidden in the name Just Cushions, the three-generation family business established by Larry Setola, Sr. in 1994. If not a subtle fib, then at least a half truth. And it lies in the 50 percent of the name consisting of the word “Just.”’

“Just” implies that what you’ll find inside this marvelously renovated New Orleans Rd. showroom is limited to cushions and nothing but cushions. Step inside that showroom, however, and you’ll soon discover that “Just” does not do justice to the full line of offerings on display, and the exciting new ones on the horizon.

“It’s our biggest obstacle, our name,” Larry Setola, Jr. said with a laugh. “A lot of our clients say you need to call it ‘Not Just Cushions.’”

Setola Jr. joined the family business seven years ago, utilizing his marketing savvy to start pushing his family business into new avenues. Their newly renovated showroom is a reflection of his vision for the future of Just Cushions. More than the aesthetics of polished marbled granite and hardwood flooring, the showroom was given a revitalization that made it more accessible for customers, moving bulky books of cloth samples aside for eye-catching hanging fabrics in a kaleidoscopic array of colors. And that was just the beginning.

“I don’t want our showroom to look like an upholstery shop,” Setola Jr. said. “I want everyone to walk in and know, ‘I can get everything done here!’”

That’s evident from the wall of various window treatment displays, from cornice boards to motorized blinds and shutters, as well as samples showing off Just Cushions’ forays into bedding and draperies. Now, customers are able to peruse a display of rug samples, whose full-scale patterns shown in the samples cleverly allow for anything from large area rugs to a small doormat size. Just Cushions also added a lamp line as well as an expertly crafted line of new custom furniture built in the USA by a multi-generational, family-owned North Carolina firm whose company’s conception dates back to the early 1950s.

“Our goal is to be a one-stop-shop,” Setola Jr. said. “If you just built a home or are refreshing your home, we want to be able to help you find everything from rugs and décor to furniture, without consultation fees or you having to visit numerous stores. That’s the direction we’re quickly headed toward.”

It may seem like an ambitious new suite of offerings, but with each line they add, the Setola family undergoes a painstaking curation process to ensure the same quality customers have come to expect for 25 years. Having stripped down countless pieces of furniture to their bare frames before rebuilding them, the Setola family has seen what makes quality furniture, from the proper inner supports and woodwork to knowing the suitable fabrics to withstand the Lowcountry elements and climate.

“Now that we will be supplying new furniture as an additional alternative to re-upholstery, we feel confident in helping clients pick the right pieces for their home or homes. We have an advantage, because we know what it looks like stripped down inside each piece,” Setola Jr. said, walking past a row of chairs in their rear warehouse that were being recovered. “We’ll know the right fabric to provide for you, and we really know what we’re talking about when it comes to quality and workmanship; after all, our family has been in this line of work since the 1940’s. We look to produce or provide the best product, because at the end of the day, our name is on it.”

And while that name may be Just Cushions, the store it represents is anything but. It’s a one-stop-shop for everything in the realm of rejuvenating your favorite furniture pieces to assisting with new furniture and decor, built on three generations of experience. It’s a local success story. And it’s a great place to fill out your vision board when you re-decorate, renovate, or build your home.

Just Cushions is located at 45 New Orleans Rd., Hilton Head Island. For more information, call (843) 681-9995 or visit online at

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