March 2019

dluxe: Where Luxury Basics Meet Effortless Style

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Is your closet dying? Is it overstuffed with nothing? If your wardrobe needs resuscitation, head over to Main Street Village and poke around in Hilton Head Island’s newest and most chic boutique, dluxe, where popular local hairstylist Deborah Roncorati is on a mission to whelp customers build and refresh their wardrobes with luxurious basics. Think premium denim, killer tops, statement necklaces, plush handbags, sumptuous wraps and more, all neatly tucked into a fresh, inviting space that’s relaxing and easy to navigate.

“While it’s a casual lifestyle here, it’s one thing to have a pair of jeans on, and it’s another thing to have a great pair of jeans on … or to have a sweater that’s edgy or the sweater that no one else has. When you put on something of quality, you feel fantastic,” Roncarati said.

With a nod to the effortless style most noted among European women, Roncarati’s overarching philosophy is that less can be more when it comes to great style. “First of all, their closets are usually tiny, so what’s in there has to be important,” she said. “Think to yourself, ‘If I had a really small closet, what would be in it? What could I be excited about?’ If you come in and find a pair of jeans, if they cost $200 and you feel fabulous in those jeans and the fit is amazing, why would you buy two pairs of something else that’s just okay?”

At the same time, Roncarati and her team will never push you to buy more than you need. “I don’t think people should be frivolous and buy things that are not in sync with their lifestyle,” she said. “I feel strongly about helping people utilize their favorites. Bring your black pants that fit you like a glove. Maybe you’ve had them 10 years. Who cares? They just need to be reinvented.” A new shirt, some jewelry, or a fabulous jacket may be just the ticket to breathe new life into your existing wardrobe.

dluxe invites you to try on jeans that fit and flatter from Mother and Frame; feel the super-soft fabrics from Frank and Eileen, 360 sweaters, Monrow, Xirena and others; explore understated, urban trendy looks from NSF and contemporary feminine styles from Joie, Cinq à Sept and more. Notice the design details inherent to these and other cool, ready-to-wear lines. Ask about the origin of the accessories, from one-of-a-kind handmade vintage pieces by Diane Cotton to edgy pearls and leather by Wendy Mignot; add a touch of sophistication to any outfit with an elegant wrap from Franco Ferrari or Bajra or a supple Italian-made handbag from Majo. This is what you pay for when shopping in a boutique: thoughtfully curated merchandise that you can touch, try, and take home (future compliments guaranteed), along with incomparable customer service in a caring atmosphere.

Shopping at dluxe also supports our local economy. “If you really want a community feel here, you need to support your community people,” said Roncarati, who has lived permanently on Hilton Head Island since 1994 and has owned and operated her hair salon for 24 years. Breaking into fashion is an extension of her desire to bring quality and personalized service to all women of the Lowcountry.

“Everything in here is basic. I don’t think it’s one style or another,” she said. “I have iconic brands for an effortless style.”

dluxe is located at 1203 B Main Street Village, Hilton Head Island. For more information, visit, follow on Facebook, or call (843) 681-3589.

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