March 2019

Luxurious Closets

Author: Dena Brown

Do you remember the closet you had as a child? If it was anything like mine, the closet itself was barely larger than the entrance leading into it. The extent of my personalization was to add a mirror on the inside of the door with a few photos of my friends.

Today’s closet is more than just a place to toss on your clothes and run out the door. It’s a total experience, almost an extension of the spa feeling coming from the master bathroom and as much a showpiece as a kitchen, complete with crown molding, glass doors and oil-rubbed bronze hardware.

Today’s closet has the unique ability to perk up your morning or de-stress you when arriving home from a busy day. Some homeowners have even turned their space into a relaxation zone, including a padded bench seat near a window with a view. For those who aren’t afforded the possibility of a window, there is always the option to create shelving, similar to a family room, in which they can display photos, mementos, a jewelry tree or even a calming lamp. For people looking to maximize space add plush velvet jewelry and sunglass dividers within a locked drawer. Speaking of drawers, don’t go buying an armoire or dresser. The need for a place to support the fat tube televisions is gone, and a chest of drawers can be built right into your closet.

Gone are even the days of the ugly plastic laundry basket! Today’s luxurious closets have hidden tilt-out hampers, that conceal any sign of dirt or grease. For those of us with a little OCD, we can add a pull-out valet rod, to hang tomorrow’s clothes up for perfect pairing tonight or even suspend color-coordinated ties or various belts and scarves on a slide-out organizer. Do you have important papers or even a safe? Those can be hidden in there too.

Why stop at beautiful and functional when you can also throw in some fun?! Who wouldn’t absolutely love having slanted shoe-shelves to display all of those Louboutins or Manolos? Or to keep all of those handbags handy and visible within cubbies. Make sure to keep them from getting dusty by including clear acrylic or glass doors. And, whoever thought mood-lighting stopped in the bedroom is wrong. Not only do 2019 closets include under-counter mounted lighting for additional visibility, but some even have rods that light up. Yes, you read that correctly.

For the sports enthusiast or children, pull-out baskets, either line
d or unlined for ventilation, create the perfect spot to toss balls of socks, exercise clothing or even baseball caps. Regardless of your taste in attire, there are truly options for everyone in the new world of luxury closets. It even relaxes me to think about it.

Dena Brown is co-owner of Closets by Design-Coastal South Carolina.

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