February 2019

Swipe Right: Hilton Head Humane Association’s Most Eligible Pets

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

These are the dogs and cats of Hilton Head Island Humane that people are lining up to take home. Come meet your new fur-ever friend.

Bella, 13
50 pounds
Lab Mix
At my age, I’m not looking to play games. Unless that game is “let’s snuggle on the couch,” in which case I am the champion. I’m just looking for someone who knows how to treat a lady—with belly rubs and treats.

9 years old
Domestic Short Hair
I’m looking for the quiet life. They tell me I have a heart murmur and high blood pressure, which is why I tend to be a little more chill than most cats. If the alternative is being one of those maniacs who shreds up curtains and tears around the house for no reason, I’m okay with that. If you are, too, you know where to find me.

Ammo, 9
60 pounds
Coonhound Mix
’Sup dog lovers? You’re looking at a dyed in the wool hunting dog, and I’m aiming Cupid’s arrow right for your heart. Get me out in the field and let me run, and I am yours.

10 years old
Domestic Short Hair
You think you’re ready for a cat who will love up on you? You’d better be. Because I am ready for a new home where I can be treated right. Yeah, I have a few years on me. I prefer to call it experience.

5 years old
Domestic Short Hair
You don’t have to bring me flowers. I’m content with a quiet spot in the sun where I can lounge for a little bit before it’s time for some cuddles.

Rowe, 8
51 pounds
Hound Mix
I’m a good boy, even if these shades make me look like a total bad boy. I’m a high-energy fella who’s always ready for a run on the beach. If it’s play time, you better be able to keep up.

Del Webb, 6.5
58 pounds
Hound Mix
They told me I’d look great in my profile pic if I wore a tie. Don’t let it fool you. I’m a casual guy who wants nothing more than a quiet night with a bowl of kibble and maybe some of those Pup Peronis. Man, those are good.

16 years old
Domestic Short Hair
I’m a big old cat with a lot of love to give. Yeah, I’m a little fluffy, but that just means there’s more of me to love. I prefer a house without any other cats—not that I’m antisocial or anything. I get along with other cats just fine. I just kind of prefer being the center of attention.

13 pounds
Domestic Short Hair
Yes, it’s me. The famous Snuggles. I’ve got Instagram fans from here to Finland, drawn by my unique fashion sense and natural star power. But even with all my Internet stardom and fame, I just want a home to call my own. #catsofinstagram #meow #lovethatdress

Chunky Monkey, 6
45 pounds
Beagle Mix
I am a big, beautiful woman, and when I walk into a room, people notice. I’m on a special diet to slim down a little bit, but I’m still a whole lot of dog. I can sit on command and break hearts like nobody’s business.

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