February 2019

DOGS: The Best Accessory

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

On Ralph:
Heritage pants $175,
Johnnie-O shirt $125
Available at Coastal Bliss Men

Greta & Vinnie
You may have seen Greta and Vinnie Bowser escorting their parents on the beaches of Port Royal Plantation or at the library listening to children practice their reading skills. They have received the Canine Good Citizen Advanced certification and are both registered Alliance Therapy dogs. These German shepherd siblings volunteer monthly at the Parris Island Marine Base, the local library, USCB and the Technical College of the Lowcountry.


On Alexia:
Tribal pants $86, Symphony & Note top $115,
Streets Ahead belt $195,
Donald Pliner shoes $235
Available at Palmettoes

It’s not this goldendoodle’s first rodeo. Bear is a professional in the modeling arena. You may recognize him as the family pet from HGTV’s Palmetto Bluff Smart Home. Bear even showed up to work with a manbun to match our model’s updo.

Top Left:
On Kathleen:
Sympathy by SW Dress $238,
Dhort Dupio Earrings $195
Available at Birdie James

Captain Bogie
This dog is Insta-famous. Originally a rescue from Hilton Head Humane, this handsome pup hit the parent lottery and is currently livin’ da ruff life with his mom and dad on sunny Hilton Head Island. Follow his adventures on Instagram @capnbogey.

Bottom Left
On Alexia:
AZI pants $112,
M top $79.95,
Lysse jacket $148,
Wrap Necklace $89.95,
Azura shoes $79.99 (Sale $49)
Available at The Pink Pineapple

Lucy is an eight-year-old Bernese mountain dog who loves dining out at local restaurants, long walks on the beach and weekends at Walt Disney World. She’s a true diva in every sense of the word.

Top Right
On Ralph:
Oxford shorts $85,
Oxford shirt $95,
Raffi Pullover $135
Available at Palmettoes

When her tail wags, the whole body sways! Dixie is a nine-year-old pit bull, originally from California, who spends her days hanging out with her two human sisters and showering them with kisses.

Bottom Right
On Kathleen:
Farrow pants $188,
BB Dakota sweater $95,
San Diego Hat Company $58,
Dolce Vita shoes $100
Available at Coastal Bliss

A miniature poodle who will be celebrating his fifth birthday next month, Charlie has his Canine Good Citizen certificate and is a Hos-Pet therapy dog for Hospice Care of the Lowcountry.


On Alexia:
Spanx pants $110,
Sweater: $59
Available at fab’rik

Don’t blink or you might miss this silky little blur run past you. Henry is an affectionate four-year-old Yorkshire terrier, whose tail never stops wagging. Our stylist matched his coat so well to the model that it’s hard to see where he ends and the sweater begins. Perfection!

On Ralph:
Link Soul pants $110,
Travis Matthew shirt $89.95
Available at Coastal Bliss Men

The beauty queen with the soulful eyes is an Australian labradoodle, which is a mix of four dogs: poodle, labrador, cocker spaniel and Portuguese water dog. Bella is involved in the Hos-Pet organization, a part of Hospice Care of the Lowcountry. She is a Certified Canine Good Citizen as well as a member of Alliance of Therapy Dogs. Bella spreads her sunshine and sweet temperament in schools, hospitals, and nursing homes when she isn’t performing tricks and stealing hearts on her numerous outings around town.

On Kathleen:
Hayden dress $42,
Taylor Creek Designs necklace $60
Available at Gigi’s

It’s not a trick of the camera; this Anatolian shepherd (a breed that dates back 6,000 years to Turkey) is one big pooch. His name is Aslan, which is Turkish for “Lion.” He lives in Wexford Plantation and enjoys the beach, eating out and playing with other dogs. Follow his adventures on Instagram @Aslan_the_Anatolian and on Facebook at Aslan the Anatolian. Gorgeous!

Top Left
On Kathleen:
Frame pants $220,
Frame belt $225,
Monrow top $63,
Bonnie Strauss kimono $495,
Elizabeth Moore Designs necklace $325
Available at D-Luxe

He may be blind in one eye, but that doesn’t slow him down. Harley, the 11-year-old pug, loves chillin’ at the beach, long rides in the car, and snoozing in his big fluffy bed. And treats. LOTS of treats.

Bottom Left
On Alexia:
Tyler Boe dress $160,
Tyler Boe shawl $174,
Chinese Laundry heels $79.95,
Silver Girl earrings $36
Available at Too Belles Boutique

This purebred chocolate chihuahua enjoys posing for the camera in a variety of ensembles she has accumulated over the years. For this particular shoot, however, Ruby chose to go au naturel to show off her beautiful white patches.

Top Right
On Ralph:
Ballin pants $155,
Oxford shirts $129,
Peter Millar vest $425
Available at Teagues

Hank and Yogi
Look out world, here they come! Hank and Yogi are a rambunctious pair of French bulldogs who love each other and TOYS! TOYS! TOYS! When they are on the move, you better just try and keep up.

Bottom Right
On Kathleen:
Pinch dress $68,
Necklace 43 Collective $62,
L Kennedy Designs earrings $19,
Bracelets: $8 ea. or $35 for 5
Available at Haskins Co.

The sweet personality of a Cavalier King Charles spaniel is unmatched, and Moose was no exception. He was a natural in front of the camera. When he’s not posing perfectly, he goes to work as a therapy dog with Hospice Care of The Lowcountry.


On Kathleen:
Mesmerize pants $119,
Last Tango top $72,
Pashmina scarf $32, Earrings $22,
Simply Noelle necklace $28
Available at So Sandra

We’ve never met a more well-behaved golden retriever. It could be because Country’s mom, Jessie Ray, is in the business of teaching good canine etiquette, but wow was she a sophisticated Southern lady. As if on cue, she even stuck out her tongue to match the pink in Kathleen’s scarf.

On Ralph:
Ballin pants $165,
St Croix shirt $255
Available at Teagues

Now that’s a hairstyle to envy. When Harley the Sheltie is not at the salon or on a date with his girlfriend Bella (see page 36), he’s participating in agility classes with his trainer Abby Bird. A well-rounded chap, Harley also donates his time as a Hos-Pet.

On Alexia:
Lysse pants $98,
Lysse top $108,
Beauty in Stone Jewelry $89,
Azura shoes $99.95, sale $75
Available at Pink Pineapple

Fletcher and Emma
Fletcher is a four-year-old Airedale (right) with a spunky personality and curious nature. Emma is his older sibling (no relation) who is calm, quiet and gentle. You could say he’s the yang to her yin. They adore people and other dogs and excel at accessorizing Alexia’s grey ensemble from the Pink Pineapple.

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