February 2019

BenchMark® Physical Therapy: Setting the bar for outpatient rehabilitation

Author: Linda S. Hopkins

Whether you are recovering from an injury, illness or surgery or are simply looking to gain or regain strength and balance for daily activities or sports, finding the right physical therapist is often the key to achieving your goals. BenchMark Physical Therapy, with locations in Bluffton and Okatie, invites you to experience their hands-on, personal approach and care that is individualized to your needs.

Why BenchMark?
According to Leah Woods, regional vice president, who happens to have a whole slew of letters after her name (PT, DPT, ATC, OCS), BenchMark’s culture of exceptional service and caring is what drew her to the company and what inspires her to stay.

“Our vision is to consistently exceed expectations and strive to be the outpatient rehabilitation provider, employer and partner of choice,” she said.

To that end, BenchMark has a mission statement, vision and a list of values to which they aspire. But perhaps what sets them apart is the way they are actually integrating those company standards into every aspect of their work, which, of course, translates into an exceptional customer experience.

“Most people are in this profession out of a desire to help others,” Woods said. “But I think what goes along with that compassion is looking at the person as a whole and not just body parts or an injury—listening to the patient’s concerns; incorporating their goals into their care (What is it that particular person needs to get back to doing?); being willing to go the extra mile; making patients feel comfortable and making sure each patient is getting what they need and that nothing is hindering it.”

Providing that level of service boils down to hiring the right people, and this is where BenchMark shines. Most employees providing treatment have a minimal of a doctorate in physical therapy and many have gone on to earn advanced certifications, according to Woods. “We strive to provide excellence by hiring the best of the best and by offering opportunities for our associates to advance their careers in terms of their education,” she said. “Healthcare is ever-changing. We want to stay abreast of that information and make sure we are all growing with it.”

Beyond the superior knowledge and skills of the therapists, what patients notice is the personal respect and extra attention they receive—no assembly line treatment or cookie-cutter care plan. “Your care is specific to your needs; we’re going to put our hands on you and make sure that we’re giving you something you can’t do on your own. You’re not just going to come in and do your exercises and leave,” Woods said.

But compassion and service doesn’t stop at the door. “Our profession is a customer-service industry, for sure. We don’t want it to just stay within the walls of the clinic, but to be carried out into the communities in which we live,” Woods said. (The company is so passionate about this, they provide volunteer time with area service organizations such as Bluffton Self-Help and the Boys & Girls Club of Bluffton.) “We not only invest in our team, but back into our patients and our community.”

Discover BenchMark Physical Therapy and find out just how high they are setting the bar. You will receive the utmost level of personalized care in the industry, while getting back to your best self.

BenchMark Physical Therapy is located at 1017 Fording Island Rd., Suite F-101, Bluffton and at 386 D Mark Cummings Rd., Suite 102, Hardeeville. For more information, visit https://bmrp.com/clinic/benchmark-physical-therapy-bluffton-bluffton-sc. For Bluffton appointments, call (843) 815-2563. Reach the Okatie location by calling (843) 208-2272.

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