January 2019

Get the Message: Sentext Solutions gives businesses a direct line to their customers.

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

There are no shortages of ways businesses can reach their customers these days. You can Tweet. You can Instagram. You can Facebook. You can flood their inboxes with your newsletters they more than likely will never open. In short, you can do what every other business is doing and just carpet bomb your message across the landscape of ambivalent customers and hope they respond.

For years now, it’s been the way to go. You establish that social media presence, you hype up your specials or sales, and you cross your fingers that the message in a bottle you have sent out on the great digital tide will find its way to a receptive audience. And despite the nearly invisible return on investment, it’s been the default format for businesses looking to get their message across to customers.

Sentext has something a little bit better. “It’s as simple as this: If you have a business or an organization that has customers or members, you want to be able to reach them in a fast and effective way,” said Dan Sinkiewicz, local independent Sentext owner. “And texting is that way.”

It makes sense. On a personal level, think of how often your own emails get ignored, that little number on the notification widget climbing ever higher. And even if you are an ardent follower of a business across social media, do you get notified whenever someone posts something new? Or is it just part of a feed of other business, memes, food photos, and cat videos that make up your social media channel. But a text message, that’s a little harder to ignore. Sinkiewicz points out the generally accepted rule of thumb that social media reaches maybe 30 percent of customers. With text messaging, that climbs considerably.

“Texting is how the world is communicating these days,” Sinkiewicz said. “Businesses are thirsty for ways to really reach their customers, and this is a way they can do that with a 97 percent effective rate.”
Right about now you’re thinking, “Oh great, another way I can get spam.” And my friend, you are way off the mark.

The Sentext solution is 100 percent opt-in, meaning a business can’t simply sign you up for it and begin blasting you with text messages. The big draw for both businesses and consumers is the way the Sentext service creates a “VIP Customer” level connection. For the consumer, this means special discounts and regular special offers available only to those who sign up for the service, delivered to you in real time. For the business, it establishes a loyalty program with far more immediacy and impact than simple social media followers.

“Usually, there is some kind of special that the shop advertises, where if you sign up you receive 10 percent off today or a free round of golf, something like that,” Sinkiewicz said. “Once you’ve built a list of VIP members, it’s very easy to continue to grow that list for everyone who wants to be a part of it.”

He points to a situation with one of his clients, Bill’s Liquors, who offered a special on Dewar’s scotch, exclusively for customers who were signed up for their Sentext program. As customers came into the store showing off the text message they sent, everyone else in the store noticed the great deal on offer and were signing up left and right.

And this is far from yet another newsletter you sign up for; according to Sinkiewicz, opting out is simple if you so choose, and he coaches businesses on how many text alerts to send out and what makes for a more valuable message for customers. So, for customers, it offers that most rare of prospects—a loyalty program that doesn’t overload you and is actually worth your time. It’s why nationally, Sentext sees a less than 2 percent opt-out rate.

For businesses, it gives them a chance to market like the big boys. Massive companies from McDonald’s to Chick-Fil-A utilize Sentext’s unique solution to reach their customers, and smaller businesses can enjoy that same technology for less than $100 a month. How else are you going to get a national high-tech marketing firm with local in-person service for that kind of money?

“When I sell to a local merchant, there’s a whole company behind me that services them and helps me out,” Sinkiewicz said. “And this is a relatively economical way to advertise—less than $100 a month. It’s tough to beat that kind of price to reach your customers.”

Perhaps the most attractive aspect to businesses is the way it gives them a concrete return on investment in an era where marketing budgets are shrinking. “With my system and my solution, you get 100 percent return on investment. When you send out that text message, you know exactly how many people are taking advantage of it. You’re going to see the return on investment walking through your door.”

For small businesses searching for ways to build loyalty and market themselves to customers in the easiest, most efficient way possible, it’s a no-brainer. Either spend months building a social media presence and hoping for the best, or just simply pick up the phone.

“It’s a great tool,” Sinkiewicz said. “The merchants that use it love it.”

Sinkiewicz points out that any business looking to try Sentext will get three free months to build up their user base when they sign up for a year, letting them see first-hand how powerful this new solution is. All you have to do is reach out at (508) 692-7937.

Obviously, the best way to do that is to shoot him a text.

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