January 2019

Meet Attorney Dave Geis: Vietnam vet, attorney, and member of the community, Geis is definitely no shark.

Author: Parker Hitchens | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Dave Geis returned from the Vietnam War and went directly into law school, graduating from Fordham Law School (JD) and NYU Law School (LLM). His first career position was as a Confidential Law Clerk in the New York State Judicial System, and he eventually became a partner in a midsized New York City law firm. Throughout his career, he limited his practice to family law participating in, and trying, several legal precedent-setting cases.
In 2000, after practicing law in New York for more than 20 years, he relocated to the South Carolina Lowcountry while maintaining a presence in New York through his work as counsel to the White Plains law firm of Kramer and Kozak P.C.

Over the last 18 years he has come to focus his practice entirely in the Lowcountry. During this time, he has served as president of the Beaufort County Bar Association; a member of the Family Law Council of the South Carolina Bar and as the first native New Yorker to serve as the Chairman of the Family Law Council.
“Serving in these positions has been among the greatest learning experiences of my life,” he said. “I met great people, knowledgeable people and people who cared for their community and their profession and wanted to contribute positively to both.”

There is a certain mental image that some people have when they are considering hiring an attorney: the mental image of a shark in a three-piece suit. “Remember, a shark doesn’t mind who he bites,” Geis said. “The practice of family law is a little bit different than other disciplines; you are dealing with people and their families in crisis.”

Geis appreciates the circumstances his clients find themselves in when they are facing the sort of legal challenges on which he commonly focuses. It’s not an occasion that calls for the simplistic aggression of a shark. It’s an occasion that calls for an attorney who balances thorough knowledge of the law with an abiding compassion for his clients.

“The most important attributes of a lawyer are legal acumen and integrity,” he said. “In addition, it is helpful if a family lawyer has the ability to empathize with a client who is dealing with struggles over custody, alimony and divorce. Providing the emotional strength and discipline a client needs to stay the course is just as important as anything else I do as an attorney.”

After practicing solo for almost 10 years, recently the Fender Law firm and the Law Offices of David Parker Geis, LLC have become of counsel to the other. This allows both firms to work together on larger complex cases which demand more “firepower,” while still being able to provide the individual services of a solo firm when appropriate. For clients, it’s the best of both worlds. Addison Fender is a third-generation Beaufort attorney who restricts his practice to Family Law, and the firms are looking forward to providing their services north and south of the Broad.

Visit www.dpgeislaw.com or call (843) 715-0661 for more information.

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