January 2019

The Doctor is In: May River Flooring now accepting new patients

Author: Barry Kaufman

My wife jokes that I’m the flooring doctor,” said Kenny Nix of May River Flooring. He must like the moniker that his wife Heather came up with for him, as he recently changed his Instagram handle to reflect his new PhD: floordoctor843.

While he may not have an actual doctorate in flooring (to the best of our knowledge no such degree exists), he has the next best thing: a quarter century of experience. Puns are generally unforgivable, but in this case, it’s apt to say that he built his career in flooring from the ground up.

Indeed, it’s that depth of experience that helps May River Flooring stand apart. “There are a lot of great flooring companies in Hilton Head and Bluffton, but what makes us different is that I was an installer in the area for 25 years,” Nix said.

That experience has not only given Nix a chance to view the flooring industry from every angle, it has also imbued in him a work ethic that sets May River Flooring apart. “It blew my mind, some of the shortcuts I saw being taken,” he said. “I knew when I opened my own store that I wanted to do things the right way and not take shortcuts.”

That right way is demonstrated in every remarkable transformation May River Flooring creates, on floors and in bathrooms across the Lowcountry. You read that right: May River Flooring is far more than just floors.

“We do showers, we do a lot of tile work and we do carpet as well,” Nix said. “I’m known by a lot of builders and Realtors in the industry for my wood flooring, but it goes beyond that.”

Nix’s multi-faceted experience stems in part from his family’s long experience in construction (his uncle is Joe Nix of Nix Construction) but also, in part, from his experience up in Connecticut, where he plied his trade doing everything from re-flooring basketball courts to installing bathrooms.

“We did as many courts as we could in summer, and then when school was back in, they had me working with the tile guys doing bathroom remodels,” Nix said. “I was intrigued by the waterproofing aspect of it.”

That intrigue led to him adding custom bathroom remodels to the range of services at May River Flooring, executed with the same care and attention to detail as his flooring projects. And speaking of flooring, he’s become the area expert in one of the hottest new trends in flooring: luxury vinyl planks.

“Since Hurricane Matthew, we’ve been seeing a lot of it, because it’s so durable and waterproof,” he said. Forget everything you knew about vinyl flooring; today’s high-end vinyl flooring gives you the same durability and waterproof coat as those old tacky tiles, but with a sophisticated finish that looks just like the real thing.

During a recent reflooring of a commercial showroom, he noted, nearly every customer who walked in complimented the client on their wood floors. Little did those customers know it was vinyl.

“People love the look of it, then when we tell them it’s super durable, pet proof and water proof they flip,” Heather said.

Ultimately, though, what May River Flooring specializes in isn’t found on the floor or in the bathroom. It’s in the feeling each client takes home.

“I try to offer a greater experience for anyone who comes into my store. They’re going to be educated, and it’s going to be a relationship,” Kenny said. “I’m a firm believer that we’re in the relationship business.”

Find out more at www.mayriverflooring.com.

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