January 2019

January 2019: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

With this issue, we begin another trip around the sun. I hope we get snow again like we did last January. That’s a real treat for a former New Yorker like myself, although I may get hate mail for saying that.

After many months of fundraising, partying and voting, we finally have the winner of CH2’s Bachelorette of the Year contest. Congratulations to Vanessa Stewart, who won our second-ever Bachelorette contest and did it to raise money for a charity near and dear to her heart. You see, the smiling woman on our cover lost her brother to a heroin overdose a few years ago and has made it her mission to raise awareness and money for an organization that helps addicts get back on their feet after getting clean.

We asked all of our bachelorette nominees to bring something special to them for the initial photoshoot—something that would help define them in a photo or two. Vanessa brought a T-shirt with her brother’s image on it, promoting a Stop Heroin walk she had organized to raise money in January of 2018. This “prop” led to quite a lengthy conversation with Vanessa about how passionate she is to perhaps be part of the reason some other addict’s story doesn’t end like her brother’s. There were tears during the interview, and it became apparent that this woman is a force to be reckoned with.

It’s always interesting for our team to look back and think about meeting our nominees for the first time. We’ve never successfully been able to predict the winner—but we do have fun betting with each other on who it might be, based on our time with everyone. I invite you to turn to page 44 and get to know Vanessa Stewart.

However, based on the number of votes she racked up, there’s a good chance you already know her.

Our creative team did something a little bit different with this month’s fashion feature. We went thrifting and consignment shopping to show you just how stylish clothes can be the second time around. We have so many great local thrift stores in our area, and they all benefit local charitable organizations; so, win-win, right? The high fashion photo above is yours truly, showing our model how to pose whilst Hunter tries not to laugh. You be the judge of who did it better. Karsten’s attempt is on page 38.

This issue also kicks off a new (old) column from our very first year in publication. Barry Kaufman is bringing back “5 Drinks with …” and is looking forward to throwing back a few beverages with some of the interesting characters that make our town, our town. If there’s anyone you would like him to drink with, let us know. This month’s column features Cranford Hollow’s Phillip Sirmans enjoying a Jameson whisky at the Lucky Rooster.

Happy New Year!

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