December 2018

Bachelorette of the Year Top Ten Finalist: Josie Gregory

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Josie Gregory
Marketing and Closing Coordinator for Hilton Head Exterminators

Fun fact about me:
The type of green eyes in my family is part of the two percent of the world’s population that have this color.

If you were the newly elected mayor of Hilton Head Island or Bluffton, what would be the first thing on your agenda?
If I were elected mayor of Bluffton or Hilton Head Island, I would work more to preserve the historic integrity of the Gullah neighborhoods as well as the area’s plantation past. I would also work more to retain the small-town quaintness the two towns have to offer. Yes, big business is good, but in order to keep the small-town feel, I believe strict building exterior requirements should be in place to help with the overall atmosphere of the two towns.

Favorite holiday movie:
My all-time favorite holiday movie is It’s a Wonderful Life. I always look forward to watching it with my mom when I go back to Nashville for Christmas each year.

What quality do you most admire in others?
I most admire loyalty in other people. I always use the example of “if one of my friends got into an argument with someone else” scenario. I will back them up 100 percent, even if they’re wrong. Later, I’ll tell them they were wrong, but I will always have their back. I expect that same level of loyalty in return.

What local event is a “must-do” for you every year?
I love going to Harbourfest! The live music, the food, the people…you can’t go wrong! I love that it goes all summer long at Shelter Cove. I’ve gone multiple times to just sit back and enjoy the Lowcountry lifestyle.

Why should our readers vote for you as Bachelorette of the Year?
I believe I am a well-rounded woman. I don’t rely on anyone to help me pay for my bills, trips, or vet expenses. I keep a mean, clean house and cook dinner almost every night. I get my hostess skills from my mom, so I love entertaining. I love watching sports, especially football, and play in fantasy football every year. I am a huge family person; I will always choose trips to see my family over trips to exotic places. I strive to make others laugh and smile. I just believe I have a lot to offer someone as a partner in life.

Charity you are playing for:
I am playing for Palmetto Animal League, a no-kill shelter. My rescue, Nash, is a Pit Bull mix and is typically the first euthanized in kill shelters across the country for their perceived reputation. However, if you met Nash, you’d fall in love with him. PAL takes in any dog or cat and gives them a second chance at finding a home, no matter their breed or its stigmas.

Would things get better or worse if humans focused on what was going well rather than what’s going wrong?
I think we should all try and focus on the good things happening in the world. This is so hard for me to do, because I worked in news as a reporter where 99 percent of the time, the bad is what is wanted. If more feel-good, uplifting stories are shared every day through mass media channels (not just through social media), I believe overall wellness and morale would improve. However, people crave the bad and juicy stories that make us turn our heads. It is change in a person’s state of mind that will overshadow the world’s negative with the positive.

To what do you attribute the biggest successes in your life?
I attribute my biggest successes in life to my determination. I am never scared to try and achieve something, and I am determined to be self-sustaining.

How about your largest failures?
I think my biggest failures come when I don’t ask for help. I am determined to try and figure something out on my own first, and then if it is absolutely necessary, I’ll ask for help. My stubbornness to ask for help leads to not succeeding the first time around.

What is your personal mantra?
My mantra has always been, “It’s fine, I’m fine.” These simple words really calm me in stressful or overwhelming situations. Try it sometime! Say it sarcastically, too; it really rolls off the tongue.

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