December 2018

Bluffton Lash Lounge

Author: Becca Edwards | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Quite often, when you walk into a spa, salon or studio, there is this implied sense that you must suddenly be Zen. Enya fills the air. The decor is either in muted tones or reminiscent of old Hollywood. And everyone is quietly contained, making sure not to make eye contact or crack a smile. This is not Bluffton Lash Lounge.

Instead, Bluffton Lash Lounge plays music that, though chill, you can groove to. The colors are vibrant yet cozy and very much bohemian. And everyone, while respectfully quiet, exudes this “you-go-girl” energy. In short, it’s rejuvenating and reinvigorating all at the same time.

“We want people to feel a relaxing vibe. If they’re having a bad day, they can come in and think, ‘Okay, I can chill out here,’” said Bethany James, co-owner of Bluffton Lash Lounge. “Many of our clients take a lash nap while they are here.”

“And many of our clients become our friends,” added Jenifer Locklair, also co-owner of Bluffton Lash Lounge.
As business partners, James and Locklair opened Bluffton Lash Lounge in 2014, and their friendship, paralleled with their professionalism, is the reason why you feel so amazing after an appointment.
“She is the yin to my yang,” joked James.

Locklair laughed and then added, “We complement each other. We’re like sisters.”

Both James and Locklair share a road-less-traveled route to being estheticians. James wanted to be a full body make-up artist. Locklair was, at one point, pursuing pharmacy school. But both earned their certification from the same school, met each other working at the same spa, and share like goals when it comes to helping women feel beautiful/confident.

Bluffton Lash Lounge’s services include lash lifts, tints, waxes and extensions. James and Locklair breakdown each service. “Lash lift, which used to be called a lash perm, lasts up to eight weeks and is great for curling straight long lashes,” Locklair said. “Tints are good for color enhancing your lashes and last about four weeks.”

“For waxing, we use a soy-based wax called Nufree,” James said. “It is great for sensitive skin.” “It’s also anti-microbal, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial,” Locklair added.

“That’s the pharmacist coming out in her,” James joked.

For people with delicate skin who need to define their brows, Bluffton Lash Lounge also offers threading. “Threading is a great alternative to removing hair for people who are using Retin-A or for some reason have very sensitive skin,” Locklair said.

“But for most people, we recommend lash extensions,” James said. “It causes no damage to the eyelashes, lasts two to three weeks, and you don’t need to mess with mascara—ever.”

“And especially for those working moms, it’s a time saver,” Locklair said.

When it comes to deciding which service is best for you, know you are in good hands. “When you enhance your eyes with say extensions, you really give someone an eye lift. It awakens someone’s face and makes them more youthful,” said James, who went on to explain that when she and Locklair do extensions there is a craft. “We will ask you what you want and then creatively problem solve based on your natural lashes, your eyes, and your eyebrows and whether they are low or high and their shape.”

“We can do something natural and start with a thinner shorter lash or, for a more dramatic, glamorous look, we can add volume or go longer,” Locklair said. “Really, we can do single to volume lashes for any occasion.”

“When someone comes in, we are sure to work our lash magic,” James said.

For more information, visit or call (843) 505-0645.

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