December 2018

All That Glitters: Quinn’s Diamond Jewelers carries on family tradition of exceptional service

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Darrel Quinn was a young lad of 12 or 13 when his jewelry career began. It’s a journey that has brought him to the pinnacles of the industry, working with some of the biggest brokers in the country and establishing himself as one of the most sought-after jewelers in the Midwest. And it started at the counter of his father’s jewelry store, where he got in on the ground floor of a family legacy by repairing watches.

The Quinns are synonymous with jewelry; Darrel’s uncles, brothers and cousins are all jewelers. His son Brad was GIA-certified before he left high school. And now, it sounds like a fourth generation Quinn is getting ready to get into the business.

“We were babysitting my seven-year-old grandson Asher one Saturday, and he said he wanted to go to Target,” Darrel said.

“No, he was just bored. You told him we had to stay until two and sell some jewelry,” Quinn’s wife Nancy chimed in. (The rapport between the two is inspiring to be around—high school sweethearts who have built a life together and have a tendency to tell stories as a team.)

“Right. I said we need to sell jewelry so we can go to Target and buy toys.”

“Then he was all for staying.”

“He found the gold chain on my desk.”

“We have this great picture of him at the counter.”

Being around the Quinns in their Village at Wexford shop is like joining them for Christmas dinner, albeit one enjoyed around glistening display cases filled with brilliant diamonds, bracelets, necklaces and earrings. They share stories of their grandson, and his burgeoning love of gemstones that leads him to burrow through his grandparents’ drawers, snapping up costume pieces and keeping them in his treasure box. It’s a bit like being a part of the family; and just like any member of the Quinn family, you can even try your hand at making jewelry.

“The latest thing right now is that iPad. You can design anything you want,” Darrel said. The iPad in question is more akin to a flat-screen TV, with touchscreen enabled controls that let you choose from a plethora of colorful stones and three-dimensional settings to create a one-of-a-kind work of wearable art. A smartphone application links to your saved designs, letting you tinker with it on your own time before giving Quinn the go-ahead to craft your dream piece.

Darrel & Nancy Quinn, Babs Echtenkamp and store mascots Kasey and Kodie.

It’s not the only high-tech gadget the couple is using to augment their years of experience, chronicled in certifications and degrees that line the walls of their shop. Darrel is especially proud of his hand-held diamond detector, looking like something out of Star Trek, that can spot a fake with the push of a button. He’ll happily tell you about taking it around the Atlanta Jewelry Show, going table to table and testing stones. And yes, he found one that was glass.

“You have to trust the person you’re buying from,” he said. “A lot of these diamond sellers were car dealers the week before.”

With Quinn’s Diamond Jewelers, you not only get a jeweler you can rest assured has never sold a car in his life, you also get someone with deep experience and a commitment to customer satisfaction. A three-ring binder on one counter is testament to that—pieces he worked on diligently until clients were completely happy with the outcome: earrings made from scratch to match a necklace whose coordinating earrings had been discontinued; old wedding bands reforged as a double-heart pendant; a wedding band flattened and straightened out to form a cross; a custom piece based on a nine-year-old-girl’s drawing.

“As long as the customer gets what they want,” Darrel said, flipping through the binder and showing off his favorites.

That service extends beyond the sale, with a 100 percent trade-in promise and a commitment long after the transaction is concluded. I service after the sale. If prongs get loose or ring get distorted, I correct it at no charge.”

These custom pieces are in addition to the wide range of stunning jewelry from designers like Alamea, Gabriel & Co., Kordansky, Lafonn, Stuller and Southern Gates that line the cases at Quinn’s Diamond Jewelers. A trunk show is planned for December featuring exquisite pieces from PiYaRo.

“Since he’s started doing the trunk shows, it’s been fabulous for us since he owns the factory and he can tell people all about what they’re buying,” Nancy said.

And when you stop by for the trunk show, you can set a spell amid an expertly curated array of glittering gems and gold works of art and make yourself part of the Quinn family tradition.

Quinn’s Diamond Jewelers if located in the Village at Wexford. To learn more, call (843) DIAMOND or visit

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