December 2018



  1. Megan is a beautiful woman with an incredibly large heart of gold.

    — Bill Butterworth    Dec 1, 08:01 am   

  2. Good luck Vanessa ❤️

    — Rebecca    Dec 1, 08:58 am   

  3. Darlene’s dedication to Hospice is amazing

    — Heather    Dec 1, 09:23 am   

  4. I love her

    — Kim    Dec 1, 10:45 am   

  5. I’ve known Darlene for many years she is the perfect candidate for such a gift will go along way with hospice. She is a remarkable and giving woman yes

    — Deb Copeland    Dec 1, 11:59 am   

  6. Darlene is a true friend and advocate of the Hospice community. Her hard work, dedication and compassion shine through in every endeavor!

    — Karen    Dec 1, 12:01 pm   

  7. We love Myranda McAfee!

    — Clara    Dec 1, 12:21 pm   

  8. I met Myranda only a couple of times but each encounter was absolutely wonderful and beautifully genuine.

    — Kelly    Dec 1, 12:30 pm   

  9. Myranda has a beautiful uplifting spirit!!

    — Madalyn    Dec 1, 12:57 pm   

  10. Myranda is beautiful inside and out ❤️

    — Brenda    Dec 1, 01:01 pm   

  11. Good luck Mary Beth!

    — Patricia King    Dec 1, 01:19 pm   

  12. I’ve known Myranda for years since youth and she has such a beautiful heart that cares so much for other people. She’s always smiling and has a positive attitude towards any encounter.

    — Kimmy    Dec 1, 01:48 pm   

  13. Myranda is such a beautiful person inside and out! Good Luck Myranda!

    — Teresa    Dec 1, 02:14 pm   

  14. Good luck Josie,you are a hard worker and so deserving to get this award for your charity for animals

    — Joe Gregory    Dec 1, 02:15 pm   

  15. Darlene is a fantastic woman who does so much for our community & would love to see her win.

    — Shannon ford    Dec 1, 02:23 pm   

  16. Myranda is the sweetest and most beautiful person inside and out!!! I just love her!!!

    Michelle Wagner

    — Michelle Wagner    Dec 1, 02:32 pm   

  17. Miranda, she is a so beautiful inside out.
    Very an amazing Leader.

    — Kim    Dec 1, 02:59 pm   

  18. Myranda is beautiful on the inside and out! Good luck lovely

    — Kyler    Dec 1, 04:27 pm   

  19. Darlene is a bright, confident and able woman. She is a natural leader. With a quick wit and wonderful sense of humor.

    — Karine Croft    Dec 1, 04:29 pm   

  20. Mandy Matney is a courageous young woman who left family and friends behind on her native Kansas to accept a position in Hilton Head. She has fallen in love with her work, the area and the people and recently purchased a home to put down her roots more permanently.

    — Pat Gaunce    Dec 1, 04:39 pm   

  21. Good luck Vanessa….

    — David Weddington    Dec 1, 05:01 pm   

  22. I have known Vanessa for 14 years and she is the most courageous, strong, amazing and beautiful woman inside and out that I have ever had the honor to know. She loves the Lord, loves her family and loves everyone she meets. Vanessa is the meaning of inspiration!

    — Cheryl Lawrence    Dec 1, 05:06 pm   

  23. Darlene is a natural leader. In addition to being smart and capable, she is always kind and sincere.

    — Barbara Carlson    Dec 1, 05:24 pm   

  24. Myranda’s gorgeous inside and out! Good luck girl! 🤗

    — Ronni    Dec 1, 05:24 pm   

  25. Best of Luck to you Myranda from Ohio!!

    — Kevyn    Dec 1, 06:11 pm   

  26. Josie is a great young lady. Smiling and happy all the time. She has a great dog too, Nash.

    — Greg Ney    Dec 1, 06:53 pm   

  27. Good luck Josie. You are such fun to work with, and letting us all enjoy your fur baby Nash, has been so fantastic!!! And your’re a Vols fan!! I hope all my friends vote for you, this has been fun, and thanks for bringing All Joy Doughnuts back after the shoot!

    — Kate ney    Dec 1, 07:00 pm   

  28. Myranda is beautiful inside and out!

    — Tammmy Haverfield    Dec 1, 08:36 pm   

  29. Went to school with myranda and her older sister. Myranda was always highly spoken of, very genuine person and lights up the room.

    — Lp    Dec 1, 09:10 pm   

  30. Myranda is such an intelligent, amazing young woman! Beautiful inside and out! Love you Miranda!

    — Christina    Dec 1, 11:09 pm   

  31. Wonderful woman, kind, smart, sweet and dedicated to everything she does. You go girl.

    — Jody Dubeck    Dec 2, 02:10 am   

  32. Josie is a wonderful person with a heart of gold!

    — Kelly    Dec 2, 05:35 am   

  33. Josie has a heart of gold and a very hard worker! Good luck Josie we love you!

    — Katherine Pommenville    Dec 2, 12:00 pm   

  34. Good luck, Darlene, no one deserves this honor more than you! You have the biggest heart and love for Hospice Care of the Low Country!

    — Darlene    Dec 2, 03:08 pm   

  35. Good luck Mandy—keep that beautilful smile!!!!

    — Aunt Mary Ann    Dec 2, 04:09 pm   

  36. Go Mary Beth!! What a great charity.

    — Mary Jeanne Frank    Dec 2, 05:55 pm   

  37. Heidi Gardner, She is a great lady who has a kind and generous heart, most of all she is a great mother. She works hard at everything she does. Her ambitions are inspiring. She is a well rounded young lady. Her fun personality is perfect for this role. She will make the BEST HILTON HEAD’S BACHELORETTE OF 2019’s representation.
    She definitely has my vote!

    — Lucie Mann    Dec 2, 08:43 pm   

  38. I have known Darlene for many years. She is an incredible human; strong, hard working and extremely caring.

    — Tess    Dec 2, 09:16 pm   

  39. Hospice is a true gift

    — Ron Mancuso    Dec 3, 09:27 am   

  40. Darlene is the most warm, kind-hearted, caring, giving, honest woman I have ever known. Very deserving of CH2’s 2018 Bachelorette of The Year Award!

    — Darlene Creech    Dec 3, 12:50 pm   

  41. Darlene is a very caring, loving and kind hearted person. Good Luck Darlene.

    — Sue Maxfield    Dec 3, 05:47 pm   

  42. We love Darlene!
    She’s the best.

    — Tina Steinberg    Dec 3, 05:54 pm   

  43. Darlene is a sincere gal, decicated to her friends, her work and Cos, her puppy dog.

    — Angel    Dec 3, 06:41 pm   

  44. I’ve known Meghan for 20 years and she has always been a genuinely beautiful soul! If anyone deserves this is her ❤️

    — Stephanie Propalis    Dec 4, 05:46 am   

  45. Mandy, is a loving and giving person, she volunteers to photograph our arriving HERO families. She is strong, warmhearted and a joy to be around. We are so proud she is in the top ten.

    — Lindy Russell    Dec 4, 09:33 am   

  46. Megan has an electrifying smile and laugh! She is beautiful from the inside out!!!

    — Kathleen Almeida    Dec 4, 10:06 am   

  47. Meghan is such a wonderful person, beautiful inside and out.

    — Terry Smith    Dec 4, 11:48 am   

  48. Lori has contagious energy and is an inspiration to everyone around her!

    — Brooke    Dec 4, 08:02 pm   

  49. Good luck Mom! You are the best! I love you! Rachel

    — Rachel Martin    Dec 4, 08:43 pm   

  50. Beautiful inside and out…genuinely sincere, loving and caring soul…

    — Dwight Causey    Dec 4, 11:32 pm   

  51. I’ve known Darlene since high school – still the same bright, beautiful girl with a heart of gold. ALWAYS doing good for others!

    — Nancy Wilhoit    Dec 5, 05:01 pm   

  52. Lori – my sweet,kind, thoughtful, beautiful daughter! You are such a special person! I love you! Mom

    — Peggy Loadholt    Dec 5, 05:02 pm   

  53. Lori Martin is such a wonderful and sellfless person. So glad i have her as the best mom ever! Good Luck!!

    — rachel    Dec 5, 05:07 pm   

  54. Meghan is a very kind compassionate person who truly lives what she believes

    — Lori    Dec 6, 10:04 am   

  55. Good luck Vanessa!! You are such a beautiful person inside and out.

    — Renee White    Dec 6, 11:09 am   

  56. Hilton Head is extremely fortunate to have all these young ladies representing these wonderful organizations that help make this the BEST place to live in the US.

    — Cathy Brown    Dec 6, 11:11 am   

  57. Lori Martin is an amazing women with the heart of a lion and a giving spirit. She is truly beautiful inside and out! Good Luck Lori you deserve all joy and abundance life has to offer!

    — Trish    Dec 6, 05:54 pm   

  58. Meghan Klunk is as beautiful inside as she is on the outside. And a fantastic dog sitter :)

    — Maggie O'Brien    Dec 6, 06:27 pm   

  59. Meghan, you light up the lives of all you know! So thankful to do life with you!!

    — Liza    Dec 6, 09:59 pm   

  60. Meghan is an incredibly beautiful and accomplished young woman. She loves BIG! Her unselfish, caring qualities make her quite a GEM 💎.

    — Lisa Banks    Dec 6, 10:08 pm   

  61. Good luck Josie! You are an amazing young lady!

    — Dana Worrell    Dec 6, 11:08 pm   

  62. Meghan is a real human. Vote for Meghan.

    — Troy    Dec 6, 11:31 pm   

  63. Happy to Support Mandy…wonderful lady inside and out. She volunteers to photograph some of our arriving HERO kids for us. Giving them a lasting memory to take home. Good luck.

    — Gregg Russell    Dec 7, 09:07 am   

  64. Meghan is such an beautiful person inside and out! We did a mission trip together…and in that I learned from her that we have a mission to help people in our own backyard (the homeless). Her heart is bold and amazing!!

    — Sara Nunez    Dec 7, 09:33 am   

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