November 2018

BellaDae Medical Spa

Author: Becca Edwards

I’d bet you 20 bucks if you were to look at Shannon Ford, owner of BellaDae Medical Spa, you could not guess her age. Ford has found the fountain of youth, and she is willing to share her secret with her clients. “Consistency is the first step,” she said. “If you go to the gym only once or maybe three times a year, will you see results? Of course not. It’s the same with your skin. That’s why, at BellaDae, we take a tailor-made approach to helping our clients achieve their specific skincare goals,” explained Ford, who has been in working in the medical spa industry for 15 years. “When you come in to the spa, we will ask you, ‘Why did you come in today?’ Many people will say, ‘I don’t know; I just feel like I need something.’ To which I reply, ‘But what bothers you most?’ Usually people say, ‘Everything!’ but I tell them they’re beautiful, so let’s just pinpoint and prioritize.”

Because Ford is an anti-aging ace, a great percentage of her clients choose to focus on anti-aging treatments. If you, too, want to turn back the clock, Ford explains how she will help you:

Step 1: Complimentary Consultation
“Your first consultation is always free. We will look at your skin with a loupe that provides lit magnification to really examine your skin.”

Step 2: Customized Program
“We then set up a customized program. Everyone is different, but typically we would have you come in every four weeks for collagen induction for a total of six procedures. We might alternate each month with collagen induction and hydrafacial.”

Step 3: Skincare Products
“We will also run through our skincare products with you and design a regimen that fits your needs, goals and budget. We offer both a medical grade line called Zo Skin Health and some organic, natural lines. We will make sure you have the proper cleanser, toner, exfoliant, serum, moisturizer and, of course, sunblock.”

Step 4: Maintenance Program
“After your six collagen induction sessions, we set up a maintenance program. I recommend getting a facial once a month, or at the very least every season. Also, every season we reassess your products. What we recommend in the summer is going to be very different in the winter.”

In addition to anti-aging, Ford specializes in correcting brown spots and acne. “More people come to us with melasma than anything else, and I love to help people overcome them, because melasma can really age people or make them feel uncomfortable,” Ford said. As for her acne clients, “Teenagers make up one of our favorite demographics here at BellaDae. We will see this young girl walk in with her hair hanging around her face, basically shielding it, because she is self-conscious about her acne. But, after a few treatments, it’s so cool to see her walk in with a high ponytail and a smile.”

BellaDae Medical Spa is located at 37 New Orleans Road, Suite C. To learn more, visit or call (843) 298-3824.

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