October 2018

N-Hance Your Kitchen with Refinished Cabinets

Author: Justin Jarrett | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Andrew Ambler, owner of the Lowcountry franchise N-Hance.

The do-it-yourself approach is perfectly acceptable for plenty of home improvement projects but giving your cabinets a facelift is not one of them. Take it from Andrew Ambler. He does it for a living.
“It’s a pain,” Ambler said with a laugh.

And he would know.

Before starting the Lowcountry franchise of N-Hance and transforming dated kitchens throughout the area, Ambler traveled the country doing historic restorations. He has worked on projects like the Gerald R. Ford Federal Building in Grand Rapids, Michigan, the Supreme Court of Virginia, and several buildings at the University of Virginia.

Now Ambler owns N-Hance of the Lowcountry, which specializes in sprucing up your existing kitchen or bathroom cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.

N-Hance specializes in refinishing—which can range from a simple refreshing of the existing finish to a full color change—and refacing, which involves replacing the doors, drawers, and hardware to give your cabinets a stylish update.

“The good thing about refinishing and refacing is it really is a whole lot cheaper than buying new cabinets,” Ambler said. “If it’s a facelift you’re looking for, both of those are good options.”

Ambler says refinishing your existing cabinets can freshen up the look in your kitchen for about one-fifth the cost of replacing the cabinetry, while a refacing can overhaul the entire style for about one-third the cost of replacement.

If you love your old cabinets but find they are beginning to look worn from years of use, refinishing is a great option to renew and revitalize the look—and potentially extend the life of your cabinets for years to come. The N-Hance team will remove the grease and grime that has built up over the years, touch up your cabinets, and apply a new factory finish that has them looking like new.

Because N-Hance is a reputable national company, the local franchise offers a vast array of finishing options, including both paint and stain alternatives, using the company’s standard products. Their Classic Refinish uses a method that is quicker and cleaner than the traditional refinishing process, typically taking only one or two days to complete with no dust, mess or odor.

For a more dramatic effect, N-Hance offers its Rethink Refinishing service, which includes a complete color change. This option is perfect for anyone who wants to make a bold change in the kitchen, such as swapping a golden oak or whitewash finish for a dark cherry or walnut tone. The end result will be a total transformation on par with outfitting the kitchen with entirely new cabinetry, yet it typically takes just three to five days to complete.

That’s what Hampton Hall resident Jack Price opted to do in his kitchen, where he wanted to swap his dark cabinets for white in an effort to brighten the space without breaking the bank. Price was impressed with N-Hance from the start, noting Ambler’s professionalism and reliability as well as the excellent outcome.

“Andrew quoted a five-day project and did it in five days,” Price said. “They did a marvelous job. The house was clean when they finished, and the end product was phenomenal.”

Price said the N-Hance team was always on time and followed through on every promise, and the end result was impressive, totally transforming the space at a reasonable cost. The work was so impressive, he said, that several friends have hired N-Hance for similar projects based on his results and recommendation.

Kim Crouch had a similar experience when N-Hance refinished the hardwood floors throughout her home. The dated floors were badly in need of attention and she was working with a tight deadline to get the work done before moving in. Ambler not only worked within those time constraints, but also helped arrange a mutual schedule with the contractor doing the interior painting to ensure both jobs were finished on time.

Crouch said Ambler’s quote was more affordable and faster than two others, but N-Hance didn’t cut corners on the job.

“They did a great job, very professional,” Crouch said. “It was a night and day difference. It went from these dull, old, dingy hardwood floors to these beautiful hardwood floors.”

While many homeowners might be tempted to take on these projects on their own, Ambler warns that these jobs can be messy and drag on much longer than expected when you do it yourself. What takes his team of professionals five days of continuous work in a controlled environment might stretch into several weeks for the average homeowner limited to working in the evenings and on weekends. And the end result isn’t likely to be as favorable without the equipment and expertise at N-Hance’s disposal.

N-Hance’s products are also more likely to stand up to the wear-and-tear kitchen cabinets are subjected to, while the typical paints and stains on the market might need to be refreshed or touched up regularly. Plus, they warranty all their work, so there’s the added peace of mind.

“Cabinets aren’t walls,” Ambler said. “They need to look good, and, unfortunately, if you don’t know what you’re doing with kitchen cabinets you can really mess things up, which can really hurt the resale value of your home and could end up being pretty costly in the end.”

For more information, visit www.nhance.com/lowcountry or call (843) 715-8420.

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