October 2018

15 Days to a More Beautiful Home: John Ward has rewritten the rule book of construction.

Author: Barry Kaufman | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

We’ve all been through the contractor gauntlet at one time or another. You do your due diligence, combing through Angie’s List and Yelp reviews and Thumbtack rankings, and you finally select your ideal contractor for the job at hand. They arrive, you go over the project, they wow you with their vision board ideas, and you’re so amped to transform your space, you hand over the check.

And then you wait.
And wait.
And wait.

And then they finally arrive, having been able to squeeze you in between a few other jobs, and they begin the demolition process. They leave for the day, promising to return in the morning and finish up, and then … nothing.

And once again, you wait. Only this time you’re doing your waiting while washing your dishes in the bathroom sink or showering in the guest bath.

As a third-generation contractor, Jon Ward had seen too many people burned by scheduling woes and set out to do something about it. He created 15 Day Kitchen and Bath on the simple promise: You won’t ever again have to play the waiting game.

“I’d heard too many complaints about contractors taking money and then dragging their feet,” Ward said. “We don’t start a job until we can finish it. We only schedule one or two jobs at a time, so we never put ourselves in the position of taking a kitchen or a bathroom apart and leaving it that way.”

It’s a refreshing customer-focused approach in a trade where the customer is all too often left at the mercy of a contractor’s schedule. Just try asking any other contractor to complete a kitchen in 15 days. See how quickly they change the subject.

“A 15 Day kitchen is basically one that goes back into its own footprint,” he said. But oh, what he can do with those 15 days. Just a scan of before and after photos on 15daykitchenandbath.com shows the astounding transformation that can be accomplished with just a little paint, a few new cabinets, updated backsplash, new appliances and 120 hours.

“The biggest thing is we’re quick when we need to be, but we never let the quality suffer,” Ward said. “A lot of the times we’re doing things that are above and beyond just to do it the right way as opposed to cutting corners.”

To accomplish the seemingly impossible task of refitting an entire kitchen or bath in 15 days, Ward keeps a close eye on every detail of the process and calls on his years of experience in construction. He knows, for example, that countertops generally take the longest and that custom glass needs to be done last, so he calculates every step of the process for maximum efficiency and minimal downtime.

“That’s the key. We don’t demo a kitchen until we have the materials on hand to put it back together,” he said.

There’s an old rule in construction that you can either have it fast, good, or cheap, but you can only pick two. While 15 Day Kitchen and Bath is by no means a budget builder, they are able to offer “good” and “fast” at a price point that won’t break the bank. So how did they break the oldest rule in construction? Through a strict adherence to quality and a time-tested strategy of a craftsman at work. And that applies to every job Ward does, not just the 15-day projects that are the company’s namesake.

“We also do more extensive remodels, such as removing walls and changing floorplans,” he said. Essentially, Ward says, 15 Day Kitchen and Bath can handle anything inside your home—and even a few things outside. Obviously, kitchens and baths are their claim to fame, but they can also tackle larger projects like flooring, adding or removing walls and even crafting custom pieces like the dry bar they created from an alcove in one Hilton Head Island home.

Obviously, larger projects like that poke at the 15-day window promised in the name, but when you find a contractor that cares about your schedule, your home’s beauty and your checkbook all at the same time, you make sure they’re your go-to for projects big and small.

“We’re quick,” said Ward. “But we’re high quality.”

Check out www.15daykitchenandbath.com or call (843) 505-6139 for details.

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