October 2018

Editor's Note: October 2018

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

On October 19, over 40 single ladies will descend upon the Rooftop Bar at Poseidon in their finest onesies, flannels, lingerie and fuzzy slippers. I would like to formally invite you to join us for CH2’s Bachelorette of the Year Party to benefit the Island Rec Center. Our party has always had a theme, and I think this one came to me in a dream.

I have forever wished that I could head to the dance floor in my PJs and slippers instead of the uncomfortable formal dress and heels that are usually required for such an evening out. Well folks, here’s your chance. DJ Mar will be dropping the beats that will carry us through the evening to 11 p.m. when we announce the Top 10 on stage.

The Island Rec Center has always been the recipient of our Bachelor and Bachelorette parties. The money we raise (in $3 votes for our competing bachelorettes) is used for the Island Rec Center’s Scholarship Fund. These funds are used to financially help the parents of children who would not ordinarily be able to afford to send their kids to summer camp, play soccer or even attend the Discovery Club (the pre-school arm of the Island Rec Center).

The winner of this year’s Bachelorette of the Year contest will receive $2,500 for the 501©3 charity of her choice. In addition, this magazine will feature the chosen charity in an article to further draw attention to the cause. In our interviews with our bachelorettes, we asked them what charity they were playing for and why it meant so much to them. (Watch these videos by following us on Facebook or checking out our YouTube channel.) Several of the women were brought to tears sharing stories that were personal to them—and it made me remember why we spend so much time and effort putting on this contest every year.

We hope to see you—in your PJs—on October 19 from 8-11 p.m. at Poseidon. There will be a $500 prize for the best women’s ensemble and a $500 prize for the best men’s ensemble.

Until then, enjoy our latest creation!

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