September 2018

Bachelorette of the Year 2018 Nominee, Josie Gregory

Author: Special to CH2

Josie Gregory
Age: 24
Occupation: Marketing & Closing Coordinator, Hilton Head Exterminators
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

First thing you do every morning?
I wake up every morning at 5:55am. Why 5:55am you may ask? I wake up five minutes early just to wake up and snuggle with my Pit mix, Nash. I rescued him in February from a fire station and treat (and spoil) him like my child.

What is something unusual about you?
I have ridden in a World War II-era P-51 Mustang and with the GEICO Skytypers in a World War II-era SNJ (the videos don’t do it justice!).

Who in your life do you trust the most?
I trust my mom the most. I still call her everyday, and I know she will always be honest with me.

What are you afraid of?
I am afraid of failure, and anyone who knows me will say that. I try my very best at everything I put my mind to and to help anyone in need.

What motivates you?
My family motivates me. I never want to let them down.

If you could switch places with anyone for a day who would it be?
I would love to trade places with fashion stylist and designer, Rachel Zoe.

If you could leave right now, where would you go?
I love cheese, so I want to go to France to try it all!

Where is your favorite spot in Hilton Head or Bluffton?
I love to sit on the bench by the Church of the Cross in Bluffton. Many times I will take my lunch break here. It’s a nice, quick escape from the stress of the day.

Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?
I absolutely love Christmas. It is a serious family tradition. It’s tough to see every member of my family throughout the year, so every single one of us meet at my grandma’s in Tennessee. We always go bowling, too. When we get together, we bowl, even after my sister’s wedding.

Would money buy you happiness?
Money will never buy happiness. I am family-driven. I believe if you have the love of your family, you will have wealth.

What are two of your strengths?
Being extremely driven and my faith in God are two of my greatest strengths.’

Person you most look up to.
I look up to my dad. Bless his heart, God blessed him with three girls. However, he does everything for us: oil changes, advice, tee-ball coach. He works sun up to sun down making sure we never go without. I hope to find a man like my dad.

How do you spend your free time?
I love to explore historical sites, read, play with my dog, practice yoga, shop, watch football (Go Vols & Titans!), and spend time with my friends

Are you spiritual or religious? If so, how?
I am religious. I am a non-denominational Christian and serve in the children’s ministry at my church.

Do you have a pet? If so, what kind and name?
I have a 2-year-old Pit mix rescue, Nash, named after my hometown.

Cat or Dog? Dog
Heels or Flats? Heels
Cook or Eat Out? Cook

What is your drink of choice?
I love Dr. Pepper and am known for my love for the sweet concoction.

Give us three words your friends might use to describe you.
Loyal, God-fearing, and Fun.

What would you say your greatest accomplishment thus far is?
My greatest accomplishment thus far would be moving eight hours away from home and everyone I know almost three years ago to pursue journalism as a reporter for FOX28 in Savannah.

Would you say you are a leader or a follower?
I would consider myself both. It’s important to know when not to take charge and when to follow, and vice versa.

There is a mandatory evacuation for the Lowcountry- what do you not leave home without?
I could NEVER leave behind my son, Nash, and Dr. Pepper, of course!

Favorite local bar or restaurant.
I love Hudson’s! There is nothing better than spending a summer day at Coligny and finishing it off on the deck at Hudson’s.

Charity you would like to play for:
I will raise money and awareness for Palmetto Animal League.

Why does this charity mean so much to you?
I rescued my dog: burnt paw pads, beyond skinny, filthy, and heart worm infested. I poured hundreds into him, but he poured more love into me. There are so many shelter animals waiting for a chance to give love and be loved. It’s important to raise awareness and give these animals hope. Don’t shop, adopt!

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