August 2018

Musicians in Bathrooms: Sterlin Colvin & David Ross

Author: Special to CH2 | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

What’s your sign?
David Ross: Aquarius
Sterlin Colvin: Aquarius

Most underrated song that, in your opinion, should be a classic.
DR: “Let’s Shake,” by Teenage Head. I was on tour in the early ’80s when I heard it. Every stop every city in town at that time was blasting this song. But the name of the band “Teenage Head” was classic, hahaha! Got a chance to play with one of the original members in February in Ontario Canada: Dave DesRoches Better known as “Dave Rave.”
SC: “Vienna,” by Billy Joel

Biggest compliment you’ve ever gotten from a fan?
DR: “Are you gonna be here all week? If so, try the veal.”
SC: I had someone tell me “Man it must be nice to bring so much joy.” I cherish that; that is the reason I do it.

What is your favorite song to perform?
DR: “Bust a Move,” by Young MC.
SC: Believe it or not, I don’t have a favorite.

Song you sing in the shower?
DR: “It’s Raining Men.”
SC: I don’t sing in the shower.

Favorite cereal?
DR: Fruit Loops
SC: Grits

What venue do you most like to perform at?
DR: Any venue that allows us to put on a “show” and entertain people.
SC: Don’t have a favorite, but prefer smaller venues. I like being up close and personal. I like the Jazz Corner, although I don’t get a chance to perform there much. Of all the rooms on the island, it’s designed for performance, which makes it easier to say what you have to say musically in entertainment.

Most requested songs at shows?
DR: “Sweet Caroline,” by Neil Young.
SC: “Don’t Stop Believing” and “Wagon Wheel.”

First concert you attended?
DR: My father took me to an Air Supply concert when I was 10 years old. And by the way, my father is Elton John. The first part is true.
SC: James Brown

Favorite artist?
DR: It’s a tie between the Beatles and Billy Joel.
SC: That’s going to be impossible to answer; my musical palate is vast.

Place you go to get away from it all
DR: On a boat, in the ocean, fishing.
SC: Tybee Island. It’s close enough to escape for a while without being far away. If I have a day, my wife and I will usually escape to Jacksonville or Saint Augustine.

Do you tweet, gram or book? What’s your handle?
DR: Facebook.
SC: No, I don’t tweet. If I did, my handle would be “kissandwaitforaprince” #hahaha I do Instagram and Facebook. On Instagram, I go by the handle “Piano_entertainer.”

Finish this verse as if it were the hook of a song: “Sally went down to the bayou…”
DR: “With a whiskey in her hand and a guitar on her knee.”
SC: “In search of piano fun,
ran into Sterlin and David,
wondering which one!
She would lay down a request, a birthday,
a bachelorette, her favorite sing along!
to put David and Sterlin to the test.
After a few hours with us,
she would see David and Sterlin put the crowd to rest.
We would give her our beads
And she would show us her

Who would star as you in the epic retelling of your life on film?
DR: Mark Wahlberg
SC: Cedric the Entertainer. LOL

First instrument you learned to play.
DR: Drums
SC: Guitar! Although saxophone was my best, I quit playing it years ago.

Song you were thrilled to finally master.
DR: “Scenes from an Italian Restaurant,” by Billy Joel.
SC: I grew up singing classical music; I was a dramatic tenor. I was blessed to attend Duke Ellington School of the Arts that helped me nurture that skill. I was thrilled to conquer the aria “Nessun Dorma.” It was hard for me to learn the Italian at the time. This was many moons ago; probably couldn’t do it now for a million bucks.

Who do you like to perform with?
DR: Talented musicians who enjoy entertaining.
SC: I have had a wonderful career and have had an opportunity to play with and share stages with some greats. Even sang with the National Symphony Orchestra at the Kennedy Center in the mid-’70s. One of my favorite groups, and most memorable concerts was Earth Wind and Fire. Years ago, they performed on Hilton Head Island. My group was playing a club they happened to stop by after their show. They got on the stage with us, and that’s one of my highlights. I never toured with EWF, but did play with them—or better, they played with me.

Do you have a side gig?
DR: No.
SC: Yes, being a husband, father, and a granddad. I cherish my side gig.

What famous musician would you love to sing a duet with?
DR: Taylor Swift.
SC: My son STEE. People are buying and streaming his music in a lot of different countries; he’s not quite world renowned, but he will be.

What animal do you most identify with?
DR: Monkey.
SC: Probably a rhinoceros. They are intelligent, social and can be aggressive. They attack out of fear!

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