August 2018

CycleBar: Where Getting Happy and Fit is as Easy as Riding a Bike

Author: Linda S. Hopkins | Photographer: Photography by Anne

Stepping into Hilton Head Island’s state-of-the-art CycleTheatre™ inside the CycleBar® studio on Palmetto Bay Rd., you may first think you’ve made a wrong turn and landed at one of the area’s popular night clubs. But if you’re looking for a heart-pumping cardio workout and a hit of natural feel-good chemicals, you are in the right place. Like a concert on a bike, hard driving beats, disco-style lighting, and a massive video screen set the scene for the most exhilarating experience you’ve ever had on a bicycle.

Unlike a typical gym, CycleBar offers a unique boutique experience with concierge-style service from the moment you walk in the door. Every amenity is provided (lockers, showers, shoes, water bottles, cold and room-temperature water, healthy snacks, towels, hair ties, ear plugs in case the music is too loud for you) so all you have to do is show up. Riders of all ages, sizes and fitness levels are welcome, and instructors are on hand to help you get started and feel comfortable.

The workout
While the sole focus of the studio is cycling, a variety of workouts are offered to suit your schedule, fitness level and personal preferences. “You’re going to get everything from endurance to hills to sprints, but we’re not going to tell you you’re doing that. We are going to do it through music,” local franchise owner Katie Knowles explained. “It’s a total body workout—lots of core involvement, with an option to utilize a weighted bar for upper body engagement during a portion of the class.”

During the workout, CycleStats tracks and measures the six key metrics of your daily and historical performance so you can check in on your calorie burn, power, revolutions per minute (rpms), and more at any time. You can compete with your fellow riders and follow your performance on the video screen during the ride, or choose to remain anonymous and review your stats privately via email or on the CycleBar website.

“This is a new experience for me,” said 53-year-old Jim Zimmerman, whose daughter convinced him to try it. Never one for gyms or group fitness, Zimmerman now attends CycleBar classes three days a week. “The instructors are great. They give suggestions and a baseline, but you can make the workout yours. Anyone can do it, whether they are competitive or not. I’m not young, and I don’t need to see my name up on the board. I am competitive with myself,” he added. Although he has lost 16 pounds over the past year, he attributes that to nutritional changes as well as his fitness routine. “I don’t go to CycleBar to lose weight. It’s a great cardiovascular workout. I have three kids, and I want to be around.”

“The big thing is the community aspect,” Knowles said. “We want you to come in our door feeling welcome like you’re a part of the family. And we want you leaving happy because you had the time of your life, physically and mentally. You’ll listen to some great music and feel accomplished for the day. Whether it’s your first ride or your hundredth, this is your happy place.”

If you’re ready to kick your workout into a new gear and get happy and fit at the same time, CycleBar has your number. It’s as easy as riding a bike!

CycleBar Hilton Head is located at 11 Palmetto Bay Rd., Suite 106B. For more information, visit or call (843) 707-6961.

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