August 2018

August 2018 Letters to the Editor

Author: Special to CH2

Hey there!
We loved meeting you, your mom and Lucy at the beach club the other night. I picked up the very fun CH2 mag and saw your email, so I had to send this cute pic your way! Here’s to a very fun summer! Hope to see you on the beach soon!
All the best,
Kristen Robbins


Congratulations on publishing an interesting and pertinent magazine about Hilton Head. I enjoy reading CH2. However, I would like to make an observation. The font used in your magazine is difficult to read. It is very small. I know I am probably not the demographic your magazine is geared to, being a 70 year old. I do, however, enjoy reading your articles and patronize many of your advertisers. If a change could be made, it would be appreciated.
Thank you,
Joy Dancer


Hey M,
Another fine issue, getting to be expected. And delivered. I hadn’t realized there is so much angst out there on the subject of CH/CB covers, but it helped make for your interesting and entertaining follow-up article.

No need to respond this time around, but evidently your people didn’t take your instruction to heart. Aw. Some of the print is still way too small—see the half-pager on Porter & Pig. And, I’ll let you find that article on your own, ’cause there still aren’t many numbered pages. First numbered page is 39, which even comes after your own Editor’s Note.
Herb Z

A Word from the Editor
Dear Herb, Joy, Bonnie and countless others who have emailed me concerning the size of our font over the last 12 years, After over a decade of deliberation, we have come to the conclusion that perhaps we should increase our font size. Thanks for continuing to be loyal readers even though you had to break out the magnifying glass every month.
Yours truly,


I’ve just received my second issue of your magazine, CH2, and want to thank you. We are relatively new to Hilton Head (06/2016) and are still discovering its many attractions. Your magazine gives us new exploration ideas. Very well presented.
Thank you,
Mary Lou Little & family


I was just paging through the August 2017 issue and I noticed that one of your best talents was seeing WDW [Walt Disney World]. We are actually in the process of planning a family trip there, and it is an arduous learning experience.

Many of us who have moved to Bluffton/HHI area from distant states now think (believe?) we are close to Disney. It is now on our to-do list to go and/or take our visitors, families, etc. Since you are so very knowledgeable about the park, how about dedicating an issue in whole or part with that theme with lots of practical tips?

I’ll bet that they (Disney) would provide support and even purchase some ads! Whatdayathink?
Thanks for your wonderful, helpful, informative magazine.
Earl Crown


Gift Guide for Men and Women: For the holidays and beyond- December, 2017
Another cool read! These gift tips are very logical but often overlooked. I am guilty of making some boo boos. Thank you for making me stop and think what the other half may be feeling and needing.
Jane Lamas

Get Covered: Your 2018 Insurance Check-Up—January 2018
Excellent piece. I’m out of your market, but your advice travels well. I think it will serve me well here in Florida. Thanks.
Frank Babbitt

For the Love of Cats—February 2018
Much thanks to all the individuals and groups mentioned in this awesome article for humanely making a positive difference for cats and educating people in the Hilton Head area! You are a shining example for other communities to follow.

Programs for Exceptional People—February 2018
Dear Maggie Washo and Linda Hopkins,
The PEP Article in your February CH2 magazine was great! Thank you for all you did to educate people not familiar with PEP and promote community awareness and acceptance of our special adults!

We would love to have you both be our guests at the PEP GALA at Sea Pines Country Club, September 8, 2018. I will get back to you as we get closer to the Fall Gala.
Wishing you the BEST,
Carol Myers, Pep Board VP

Boys & Girls Club Essay Contest—February 2018
Thank you so much for showcasing so beautifully our children in the February issue of Celebrate Hilton Head. You not only provided them the opportunity to be “published” stars, you gave them the chance to be highly rewarded for their efforts. So many of our children never receive recognition so the chance to see their names and photos in a magazine is so exciting for them. Your efforts enabled us to help them feel particularly special this Valentine’s! You are a wonderful community partner and we so appreciate working with you.

Enjoy your weekend and know you have given some very special children a deep sense of pride and self-worth, which is priceless.

Living with Parkinson’s Disease—April, 2018

You did a great job! And thank you for helping to get the word out about Parkinson’s disease!
Dianne Hillyer

Thanks for this important story about a disease that my two sons struggle with every day. I’m impressed that a local magazine featured a story during PD recognition month, and I’m grateful that Dianne and Jeff shared their personal stories.

I just attended the Parkinson’s Policy Forum in Washington, D.C. to learn how to advocate for all the patients.
Sherry McGovern


Living with Cancer—June, 2018
I loved the article. I am in the “not yet” a category concerning cancer, but know I should be prepared. The thing that struck me more than anything was being allowed to walk to the operating room and the feeling of empowerment that simple thing provided.
Kay Hodnett

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