July 2018

Food Trucks

Author: Justin Jarrett | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Bridgette Frazier (Chef B) with her signature dish, the Backus Bowl.

It’s a scientifically proven fact that humans are predisposed to love trucks carrying food. The evidence? The unmistakable joy on the face of every child who has ever seen (or heard) an ice cream truck coming down the street. Thanks to some inventive chefs and Food Network producers, that same unbridled enthusiasm now applies to adults with a hankering for fried seafood, over-the-top burgers, or authentic street tacos without the shackles of a brick-and-mortar restaurant. From meats on sticks to ice cream cones, there’s just something about the combination of yummy food and mobility that gets us excited.

Today’s gourmet food trucks that seem to have commuted straight from a Guy Fieri fever dream are a fairly modern concept that has proliferated since about 2008, but the idea of the food truck has been around … well, longer than the truck itself.

It all started in the 1860s, when a Texas cattle rancher named Charles Goodnight came up with the concept of the chuckwagon to deliver food to cattle herders in the Old West.

Freddie Brantley Jr. and Hassan Goodman of Time to Eat

In the 1950s, some evil genius thought to load a truck with ice cream and drive around playing a song that would capture the attention of every child within a mile radius, and in the 1960s the now-infamous “roach coaches” set up shop at construction sites and factories to peddle tacos and burgers to blue-collar workers.

The popularity of the Kogi Korean BBQ truck in Los Angeles in 2008 is considered the rise of the modern food truck boom, and boy are we grateful. Now you can grab just about every kind of food fresh out of a wandering kitchen, and if you wait long enough, the food comes to you.

Food trucks frequent our workplaces, our parks, our community events, even our birthday parties, offering up freshly-made comfort food on the go—the kind of devilish concoctions we used to be able to find only at county fairs or hole-in-the-wall restaurants. Some of the best meals are served on four wheels, whether it’s a greasy burger, a fried shrimp basket, a plate of street tacos, or a decadent dessert.

Here in the Festival Capital of the World, it stands to reason that we would have our share of mobile food options, and we’ve rounded up a few of the Lowcountry’s favorite rolling restaurants for your tasting pleasure.

Truck: Lowcountry Lobster
Owners: Lori Holland and Kent Mariman
Specialties: Lobstaaaah rolls
Where To Find It: Food truck festivals, private catering, weddings, and special events
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The margarita-style lobster roll, drizzled with tequila lime mayo
Info: Facebook and Instagram (Lowcountry Lobster) or online (lowcountrylobster.com)

Truck: Hilton Head Ice Cream Truck
Owner: Hilton Head Ice Cream (operated by Steve and Ashton Harmon)
Specialties: Homemade ice cream
Where To Find It: Marley’s Island Grille (Monday and Wednesday from Memorial Day to Labor Day); Fishcamp on Broad Creek (Fireworks Tuesdays); local festivals
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: If you can only pick one flavor, Cookie Monster is a fan favorite.
Info: Email (HHIceCreamTruck@gmail.com) or phone (843) 816-2749

Truck: Curbside
Owner: Agustin and Jessica Callejas
Specialties: Tacos, quesadillas, and burgers
Where To Find It: Lowe’s in Bluffton (Monday-Saturday, 10 a.m.-3 p.m., starting June 1)
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The authentic tacos
Info: Facebook (curbside tacos), email (foodtruckcurbside@yahoo.com), or phone (843) 304-1403

Truck: Downtown Curbside Kitchen
Owner: Ryan and Leah McCarthy
Specialties: Southern cuisine with a twist
Where To Find It: Private parties and events
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The slow-cooked brisket taco with collard greens slaw
Info: Web (downtowncateringcompany.com) or phone (843) 815-5335

Truck: Big Carol
Owner: Palmetto Bluff
Specialties: Big Carol’s kitchen was crafted so Palmetto Bluff’s chefs could have flexibility with menus. She serves up a mean al pastor taco, her brisket sandwich is worth writing home about and her chicken wings are always a hit, post Buffalo Run.
Where To Find It: Bluffton Farmers Market (one Thursday a month, usually the third), Palmetto Bluff’s Summer Concert Series, Music To Your Mouth
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: If the chefs ever replicate the smoked duck sausage with maple bourbon gravy served at Palmetto Bluff’s Field + Fire event, there will be a line a mile long.
Info: PalmettoBluff.com

Truck: Murican Border
Owner: Alex Schmidt
Specialties: Tacos and fried tortilla chips
Where To Find It: Laurel Bay Traders Market every Wednesday; see Facebook for other locations.
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The “Funk Seoul Brother” Korean taco with chicken, flank steak, or shrimp, topped with Korean slaw, spicy sauce, and bean sprouts
Info: Facebook and Instagram (MuricanBorder), email (muricanborder@gmail.com), or phone (843) 781-6011

Truck: Chef B’s Eatz
Owner: Bridgette Frazier
Specialties: Lowcountry favorites, Gullah cuisine, and novelty creations
Where To Find It: Various locations around Bluffton
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The Backus Bowl, which combines fried rice, teriyaki chicken, shrimp, oxtail, and pineapple, drizzled with yummy sauce (and Krispy Kreme bread pudding for dessert)
Info: Facebook and Instagram (Chef B’s Eatz) or phone (561) 452-3703

Truck: All About that Bean
Owners: Elizabeth Pinkerton
Specialties: Gourmet Coffee, Espresso an Boba Tea
Where To Find It: Best Buy in Bluffton, Every Thursday at the Bluffton Farmer’s Market and Tuesday nights at Shelter Cove Park for Summer Jams – Available for Private Events as well
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: Taro Tea with Blueberry Boba (but the coffee is out of this world as well!)
Info: Facebook (AllAboutThatBean), email (allaboutthatbean@gmail.com) or phone (330) 506-7393

Truck: Taqueria del Sabor
Owner: Consuelo Rivera Leyva
Specialties: Tacos, burritos, and quesadillas
Where To Find It: 142 Bluffton Road (Monday-Thursday, 11 a.m.-10 p.m.; Friday-Saturday, 11 a.m.-Midnight)
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: Pastor (spicy pork) burrito
Info: Facebook or Instagram (Taqueria del Sabor) or phone (843) 227-1203

Truck: Time To Eat
Owner: Hassan Goodman
Specialties: Fried seafood, burgers, wings
Where To Find It: Various locations throughout the week; check Facebook page for schedule.
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The Mo’ Betta Burger, topped with bacon, sautéed onions, cheese, and a butterflied smoked sausage
Info: Facebook (timetoeatllc), Instagram (time_to_eat_llc), or phone (843) 812-8348

Truck: The Food Trap
Owner: Brian Altman
Specialties: Gourmet Southern cuisine
Where To Find It: 11033 N. Jacob Smart Blvd. in Ridgeland (Wednesday-Friday, 11 a.m. until sold out)
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The Blackened Lime Chicken Sandwich, topped with candied bacon, white American cheese, lettuce, and bleu cheese mayo
Info: Facebook (thefoodtrap), Instagram (thefoodtrap21), phone (843) 986-4834

Truck: CRAVE Cupcake Boutique
Owner: Tamecka & Charles Francis
Specialties: Cupcakes! The shop in Beaufort offers over 20 different cupcake flavors complemented by seven or eight different frosting flavors. On the road, they offer a “choose your own” combo where you can mix and match your favorites. The CH2 crew LOVED the peanut butter cupcake with peanut butter frosting.
Where To Find It: Follow them on Facebook for schedule of events or visit their shop in Beaufort at 1103 Boundary Street.
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Frosting
Info: Facebook (Crave CupCake Boutique), Instagram (crave_cupcakeboutique), phone (843)379-1234 or www.1cravecupcakeboutique.com

Truck: Fra Amichi
Owner: Vinny Alongi
Specialties: Italian Food! Regular, margarita, Sicilian, Grandma and vodka pizzas, calzones, sausage & pepperoni rolls, pepperoni pinwheels, rice balls, fried capellini
Where To Find It: Brand new to the area – follow on Instagram and Facebook for Schedule! Also available for private parties – call to book.
The One Thing You’ve Gotta Try: The Margarita Pizza
Info: Facebook (Far Amichi Food Truck), Instagram (Fra_Amichi), phone (516)779-5785

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