July 2018

Mixx on Main: Something for Everyone

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Sizzling Sirloin
10 oz. Sirloin Steak seasoned & grilled to perfection served sizzling hot on an iron skillet with house potato and vegetables.

Great neighborhood restaurants all have a birthday … the day they first opened the doors, fired up the grill, poured some beverages, and welcomed guests. They didn’t come right out of the gate as the go-to spot for delish food and good company. It took time and passion and patience and hard work—all things the team at Mixx on Main is ready to invest to make their new eatery and bar, opened in early June, the neighborhood place to be.

Alongside the commitment of seasoned restaurant investors, Patsy Delello and Chris Kingston have taken the footprint of what was once a bank and have opened a cozy bistro and bar with a decidedly lively vibe on Hilton Head Island’s north end, very nearly located at the point where Palmetto Hall, Indigo Run, and Hilton Head Plantation converge. “We’re an eclectic menu of Mexican cuisine, American cuisine, salads, and sandwiches. Something for everyone,” Delello said.

Managing partners, Delello and Kingston oversee the kitchen and front-of-house, respectively; however, as needed, they both comfortably step into the kitchen, behind the bar, or up to the host stand. Delello, who has been an islander and restauranteur for 35 years, and Kingston, formerly an Atlanta-based restaurant professional, who recently celebrated his one-year anniversary in the Lowcountry, are a well-balanced pair, bringing plenty of experience, tons of enthusiasm, and a desire to place Mixx on Main at the heart of the island community.

Managing partners Patsy Delello and Chris Kingston behind the bar at Mixx on Main.

Beyond the warm décor throughout, and convivial bar where sliding windows erase the separation between the bar and charming patio area, it is the menu that makes Mixx on Main particularly inviting to nearly every guest. Serving lunch and dinner six days a week (closed on Sundays), guests are invited to consider the specials listed on the ever-changing chalkboard. “We will be special-oriented day and night,” Delello said. “We will have four or five daily luncheon specials along with four or five daily dinner specials. It gives us the opportunity to ‘Mixx It Up’ with a variety of new or seasonal ingredients not on the regular menu.”

“We use top-quality ingredients, and everything is fresh,” Kingston said. The Mixx on Main menu is a nice balance of traditional offerings along with interesting twists. Temptations begin with appetizers—the fried pickles, deviled eggs, Cajun garlic shrimp, calamari, and more—and pair perfectly with a cocktail, beer, or wine in the bar or before a meal. Salads are crisp, fresh, and loaded with toppings from traditional fajita ingredients, to seafood, meats, cheeses, veggies, and on, and on. White chicken chili is a comforting staple, along with a homemade soup of the day.

Sandwiches range from a Philly cheese steak to a Cuban, to a grouper melt, and more, and come with a selection of sides, including fries, salads, rice, beans, slaw, and onion rings. Burgers are topped with all kinds of deliciousness, and the wings are not to be missed—mild, medium, or hot Buffalo, with inventive sauce selections. Baskets and entrées include fish and chips, fried shrimp, and chicken tenders, along with pastas, seafood, and steak. Also, with the addition of Mexican flavors, guest may enjoy nachos and a selection of Mexx Mixx dishes … bring on the enchiladas and tacos, fajitas and chimichangas.

Taco Salad
Seasoned ground beef, shredded lettuce, black beans, diced tomatoes, green onions and cheese. Topped with salsa and sour cream and served in a tortilla bowl.

Lunch at Mixx on Main is a lighter affair with a focus on serving the local business community and mid-day gatherings. Grilled seasoned vegetables with a baby caprese salad, garlic toast, and a cucumber, dill yogurt dip lead the lunch selections, followed by Chicken Francese and chicken salad, grilled cheese with bacon and tomatoes, salmon BLT melt, and smoked salmon. Everything at Mixx on Main comes with just the right accompaniments and sides. “And there will always be a dessert of the day on top of the regular menu,” Kingston said. Guests will find New York Style Cheesecake on the menu every day—a classically delicious choice, and the perfect partner for the creative daily dessert.

Tucking a Mixx on Main Carry Out menu in a glove compartment or kitchen drawer and programing (843) 842-MIXX on speed dial, will give take-away guests genius status with family, friends, and co-workers. Offering a full selection of all the Mixx menu categories (salads, soups, baskets, sandwiches, burger, entrées, appetizers, wings, Mexx, and desserts) Carry Out guests will be able to serve-up something to satisfy nearly every eater at home, in the office, or at a special event.

In addition to a venue and a menu that sets them apart, the Mixx on Main management/employment strategy is an integral part of who they are, where after a term of service, team members will be given a stake in the ownership of the restaurant and its profits. “We are an employee-owned and operated restaurant,” Delello said. “We want to share in our success all the way through our operation. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for years.”

Club Sandwich
A triple deck sandwich piled high with ham, turkey, bacon & choice of cheese with lettuce, tomato and mayo on white or wheat toast.

Referencing their fully-staffed eatery, he said, “Truly it’s the people right out here that help make the money: the good servers, bartenders, and hosts. They’re the face of the operation. They’re the salespeople. Any restaurant picks up the character of its staff. You look at all the perennially successful restaurants, and you keep going back because you know the people who are taking care of you. We’d like to think that over time we’ll attract those people who enjoy doing this as a profession, and they will make a solid living wage doing it.”

Mixx on Main is fast becoming a great neighborhood restaurant, where there is truly something for everyone.

Mixx on Main is located at 87 Main Street, Hilton Head Island. For more information, please call (843) 842-MIXX (6499).

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