June 2018

June 2018: Editor's Note

Author: Maggie Washo | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

I find it ironic that the month we are working on our special section about the law, I find myself guilty of breaking it. It happened innocently enough. There I was, just speeding down the Georgia highway trying to get to Walt Disney World a few minutes faster than the estimated time of arrival. Then suddenly, there she was, an officer of the law flashing her lights and chasing me down. I pulled way over, giving her plenty of room to approach on that busy stretch of I-95 and grabbed all my pertinent information out of the glove box.

“Ma’am…” she started, as she approached the car.
“I know! I was speeding. I’m sorry!” I quickly blurted out.
“You are the first person today who actually admitted that!” she exclaimed with an incredulous look on her face.

Yes, I did get a ticket, and the officer could not have been nicer—even wishing my mom a Happy Mother’s Day. As we pulled away, I commented that I was going to look at the whole thing in a positive light. She might have saved us from a horrific accident by slowing me down for the rest of our journey. At the end of the day, these officers are out there doing a job—just like any of us. When we break the law, we must accept the consequences. I have a feeling my consequences are going to involve writing a hefty check to Georgia, but guess what? I probably won’t get a ticket for another 18 years, because it was a good reminder to slow down.

In our special section on the law this month, we get to know a few local police officers. We asked them why they chose their profession, what they wish the public knew and where they like to go when they get a few days off.

If you are just visiting our area this month, be sure to read Justin Jarrett’s article on page 115. He covers a few local laws (like no booze on the beach!) you may not have been aware of. If you throw caution to the wind and march down to the beach with that Bud Light brazenly in your hand, feel free to pick out a lawyer from the ones featured in our special attorney section, which starts on page 107.

It wasn’t all law-breaking for me this month. Our creative team spent a few days on Daufuskie Island for the second part of what will be an ongoing feature, encouraging our readers to explore South Carolina. Stay tuned to see where we go next!

Have a lovely June, and don’t forget Father’s Day is June 17. Go buy your dad another tie. You know that’s what he wants most. 

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