May 2018

Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A.: Where Institutional Memory Matters

Author: Kitty Bartell | Photographer: M.Kat Photography

Memory matters, particularly institutional memory, when selecting a law firm to represent your interests. The institutional memory at the law offices of Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A. tracks all the way back to 1808 when Roberts Vaux, five generations since, passed the bar—the first in a continuous line of Vaux family members to practice law.

An organization that effectively archives and values the collective knowledge, facts, and experiences of its lineage is of great value to its clients. “Because we are a general practice firm, there’s an awful lot of overlap,” said partner William “Rick” Marscher. “Institutional memory means we can draw on each other.”

The prevailing value of this sort of ancestry comes from the resources available to the firm’s entire legal team in the form of their experienced personnel. “If Rick [Marscher] has a litigation issue, he calls on me,” said partner Mark Berglind. “If I have a litigation question that has to do with real estate, I’m calling on Rick. If I have someone that comes in who has just lost someone in a car accident, and they have questions about the estate, I call in Toni [Lucia] and she’s in here meeting with them.”

The firm, and its team of attorneys and support staff represent clients in matters related to personal injury, real estate, general litigation, family law, criminal defense, workers’ compensation, and estate planning and probate. Opened in 1972 under the direction of Roberts Vaux, father of current partner Roberts “Tabor” Vaux, the three partners have chosen to focus their work in specific areas of practice, while each has experience in many areas of law. Currently, Tabor Vaux works primarily with personal injury cases, Rick Marscher focuses on real estate law, and Mark Berglind directs his work toward personal injury and workers’ compensation law.

Clients seeking assistance from Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A. find the firm’s approach to be genuinely personal. “When you first come into our office you’re going to sit down face-to-face with a lawyer.” This personal approach suits Berglind, who joined the firm in 2008. “My dad was a family physician in the Greenville [South Carolina] area. He was a small business owner; he owned his family practice and he loved working directly with people.” Along the way he learned that he didn’t want to be a doctor, but that he did want to practice law in the same way his father practiced medicine, getting from Point A to Point B, and building solid relationships along the way.

Joining Roberts Vaux in their Hilton Head Island offices in 1987, Rick Marscher also brought with him a great deal of institutional memory. “My family moved to Hilton Head in 1969,” he said. “My roots in the Lowcountry go way back, and this is the place that I love.” His father was from Beaufort and his mother was “from up north.” “It wasn’t long before we opened an office in Bluffton in 1989, and I became a partner that same year,” Marscher said. “I chose law as a profession because it allowed me to be here, and it also allowed me to be with people—to help people that I knew, and to get to know people I could help.”

The arrival of Sun City Hilton Head was a game-changer for the firm and was pivotal in moving Marscher’s primary focus to real estate law. “Things changed radically for Bluffton when Sun City came, and we changed with it. We assisted in bringing Sun City in during their development and permitting phase, and then we started doing Sun City real estate closings. We have a historical perspective here that helps with a lot of things in terms of our clients, in terms of local knowledge, in terms of knowing how to get things done.”

While the real estate landscape is in a constant state of change, Marscher and the Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A. team is comfortable reacting nimbly and meeting their clients’ needs as the real estate world ebbs and flows. “It’s not a set process,” Marscher said. “We are continually adapting. I tell people all the time that we strive to have your closing experience be dull, boring, and uneventful. It doesn’t sound like much to aspire to, however, it’s what clients want. Nobody wants an eventful closing.”

Focused primarily on personal injury cases, Tabor Vaux brings a deep respect and love for his lineage in Bluffton and in his family’s law firm, along with the community of individuals he and the team serve. Born and raised in Bluffton, he never considered not returning after attending The Citadel and Charleston Law School. “I didn’t realize how special this place is until I was in college,” Vaux said. “I had friends that wanted to come to Bluffton every chance they got, as opposed to going back to their homes. That sort of opened my eyes. Being in the family business is a dream come true.”

Being an integral part of the community, a part that generously gives back, the partners at Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A. prolifically sponsor local events, teams, and organizations. With their own children ranging from tots to grown adults, giving back and practicing civic responsibility comes naturally. “Both of my boys went through the public school system, and my youngest came up through Dixie Youth,” Marscher said. “The community gave us a lot; now that I can give back a little more, other than just me, it’s our obligation. I can remember both my parents telling me, you only get out of it what you put into it.”

Here, the ideal balance of institutional memory and modern practice has been achieved—where adaptation and personal connections are at the very root of the entire operation. The scales of justice are well-balanced at Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A., where memory truly matters.

Vaux Marscher Berglind, P.A. has offices in Bluffton at 1251 May River Road, Bluffton, SC 29910, in Okatie, and in Charleston. For more information, please call (843) 757-2888 or visit

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